Full time Huel


I wonder if people can provide some personal experiences around this.

I’m 24, 5’10, currently weighing my heaviest at around 18st 6lb, my weight has always fluctuated, I’ve had a meal replacement diet in the past (juice plus) where I lost 4 stone in 2 months, I then put the weight back on with an extra 2 stone for good measure! I’ve recently joined a gym again and am trying to go more regularly.

I’m getting more and more fed up with my weight and the constant disappointment I get when seeing my reflections, I’m looking to do Huel as my only source of ‘food’ for 2 months, and then maybe amending it dependent on how it goes.

How have other people found weight loss and more importantly, keeping the weight off?

A lot of Huel users have reported a lot of luck shifting some weight off. Keeping weight off, though, is about changing your relationship with food - you can’t diet and then go back to eating how you did before. For this purpose, both Huel or a ketogenic diet are perfect, as they’re very low in sugar, which people can easily grow addicted to.

An alternative way of keeping weight off would be to increase your muscle mass. Increasing muscle mass increases the number of calories you burn, so you can eat more without gaining fat. So your options are either to change your relationship with food and consume less after you’ve managed to lose weight, or gain enough muscles to be able to sustain that level of caloric intake without gaining fat.

Juice plus is a terrible option for this due to the high sugar content. From what I’ve heard, you feel miserable whilst on it as everything you consume is absorbed really quickly (so you feel really hungry), and it does nothing to deal with the underlying issues, which are often a sugar addiction.


Huel is a great way to change your relationship with food, I would start with a couple of meal replacements and maybe a healthy evening meal. If you feel like a snack try some fruit or even a Huel bar and have a pint of water.
There are lots of positive threads on here from people that have been through what you have so think positive and sometimes the hardest part is starting off and sticking to it. Also enjoy a treat once a week, a takeaway or chocolate but a sensible portion. Also exercise is very important and using Huel saves time preapring and cooking and cleaning up so you will have extra time during the day to go for a brisk walk or a bike ride etc.
Don’t see Huel as a short term weight loss, see it as part of your daily routine and adjust as necessary to get to your ideal weight.


I think it is a great idea. My take is different from what others here have said. My take is, go 100% Huel only for 2 months, and then change to having one balanced meal a day with a variety of different foods in that meal. The reason I think Huel only is good is because you totally break the habit of eating, and it is the habit of eating that is the huge problem.

If your body isn’t used to Huel yet, then start off with 1 Huel a day for three days, then 2 Huel a day for three days, then 3 Huel a day for three days, then cut food out completely for 2 months. It will totally change your ‘food’ behaviours, you’ll lose tons of weight, and you’ll be super healthy and very well nourished.

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IcyElemental, I think your point is exactly what my problem was with my juice plus diet, I was on 2 shakes a day and one meal of chicken. I stopped this routine for one day, and skipped straight back to old habits because I hasn’t addressed my issue with food management or lifestyle.

Mally, thank you, I agree, I think Huel as an actual addition to lifestyle is an improvement. I’ve always been horrendous with food because I’m such a fussy eater, so the unhealthy option has always been easiest. But with more time through having shakes, I’m hoping to become a lot more active!

Terriann, I think this is what I’ll probably do, do 2 months of huel only, and then replace one meal with a healthy option, hopefully I’ll be able to stick to and maintain a healthy weight, as that’s always been the issue. I’m hoping by changing my attitude towards my lifestyle will help my mindset focus.

Thank you for your responses, I appreciate the time and effort put into replies. I am starting today, let’s see how this journey goes.


Hi Dave,

Welcome to the Huel club! lol

Back in November I went 100% Huel for 3 months and dropped from 14.8 stone to 12.6 stone.

I’m currently sitting at around 12.7. I still have 4 huel shakes a day and normal eat a veg stir fry and nuts and seeds on top of that.

I go to the gym every day and train for around 1 and a half hours lifting weights, no cardio.

The biggest and most important thing I’ve discovered when keeping the weight off is that I enjoy the diet I’m on and don’t resort to bing eating though boredom or hunger anymore.

You’ll be so surprised how big a role sugar plays in keeping the fat on your body.When you finish doing huel 100% try and keep away from processed foods and sweets, this should allow you to stay stable in your new found weight.

Also find a form of fitness that you enjoy and can continue to do on a regular basis as this will also be a big contributor


Thank you Deveyous, you must’ve a lot of willpower to be 100% huel through December!

did you find on the 3 months that you had more energy than previously? With my current diet, I rarely eat breakfast and normally don’t go to sleep until gone 11 as I struggle to settle. So I’m hoping that by having a shake in the morning and getting into a routine I’ll find more energy during the day and rest better at night.

I’ve got a long way to go, I need to remember, it’s a marathon not a sprint, ideally I’d like to lose 6 stone to get to a healthy weight for my height. But 1lb at a time is the goal!

One week in; Report! :slight_smile: How goes it?

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I’ve struggled to be honest, the first couple of days went really well, then on the 3rd day I began to feel really sick, (though I don’t attribute this to huel) as I often feel sick! I stopped for a few days, and am actually starting again today, though, rather than go in the the full time huel as originally planned, I’m going to ease myself into instead to try to avoid the similar issues as last week.

So today, I’m having a huel lunch, and a healthy meal tonight, i really need this to work though, my weight is irritating me!

I will try this week to get in the groove, and see if I can get the right mindset and will power to stick to it and make the necessary changes.

@Davejunior93 - omg its like reading something I have written!! I’m currently 5ft2 and weighing around 15st 8lbs. I’m incredibly fussy with food and would rather grab a packet of biscuits than make a healthy option!! I’m thinking of going 100% for a couple of months too. I’ve done the odd day 100% and have no problems with it - plus I have a big group holiday on 2nd June and could really do with loosing something before then :slight_smile:

If you want a “Huel Buddy” to kick your ass every so often feel free to let me know - I know I could do with a kick every so often!!


So, 2 years on, 6 stone down.

I’m now using Huel regularly for lunches during the week.

Stick with it


Well DONE!! :clap::clap::clap:


Crikey, you lost a small person! Well done!



Wow! Well done! :+1:

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You should be really proud of what you have achieved. Well done.

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Well done! You’ve done amazingly!!

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Yes well done from me as well, it proves Huel can work for dieting. It’s ok to have treats but it’s so easy to over do them I find and slip into your old ways. I have lost 3 stone this year and hope to lose another 3 stone. It can take a while for some people’s bodies to adjust to Huel especially if you ate crap before, so always best to start with one Huel a day and build up. But like yourself and others, we can reap the rewards by sticking with it slowly and patiently, it’s not a race. I certainly feel more energy and healthier and feels great fitting into clothes that I couldn’t before. I purchased some shorts 2 years ago and found they wouldn’t fit when I got home and I just left them in my wardrobe, only now they fit me :joy::joy: keep up the good work mate.


Definitely, stick with it, it’s a long journey, lots of twists and turns, but each milestone is worth it


Wow, congratulations! Thank you for sharing your story and success!

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