Future H&S options (quinoa allergy)

Hello! I was super excited to hear about the Hot & Savoury product but bummed to see they all have quinoa in, although I totally get that it’s for the protein boost. I know it’s not a super common allergen and I appreciate we can’t eliminate every possible allergen to cater for everyone! I’m just selfishly wondering if there would be a potential to have a quinoa-free option in the future! :pleading_face:

(I’ll clarify that I have not had it confirmed if it is rather a saponin sensitivity although none of the other saponin foods affect me and I ?naively? assume that quinoa used in prepared foods is washed well but no luck in avoiding the symptoms even after just a little taste :cry:)

Although I’ve only tried Tomato & Herb so far (because it really nice and don’t want to swap yet), it would be great to see some more ‘non-spicy’ products (i.e. with mushroom, sweet potato, butter beans if possible).

Not sure how this idea would work exactly, but maybe twists on classic ‘gastro-pub’ style foods? One for the expert Huel nutrition boffins. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear you have had an allergic reaction to the quinoa gingertonic. Hopefully there will be options to use other beans, pulses or grains in future meal options?

Thanks for the message, sorry to hear that none of the Hot & Savoury flavours are right for you. I guess there is always a chance a future flavour may branch out from using quinoa. However the production facility likely would not change, so would this mean you also couldn’t consume it? I.e. is your allergy sensitive enough to pick up trace amounts if there was cross over at the production facility.

Consider it noted! Who knows what the future of H&S has in store :blush:

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Thank you Tim. Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

I agree, I think they thought they would have to make it really spicy to hide the taste of it? but tomato and herb is by far my fave so have ordered some korma hoping it will not be too spicy either.
risotto style, or just pot noodle type flavours? As a vegan there are loads of asian add water ready meals which are chicken or beef tasting but have never seen an animal :slight_smile:

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I’ve been making a vegan mushroom and butter bean bake for my evening meals recently, and I think this would be an interesting option for future H&S. :yum: