Is Huel Hot & Savoury low FODMAP?

Looks like there are onions and garlic in these so probably not. Or are the quantities low enough to constitute low FODMAP?

Unfortunately Hot & Savoury is not low FODMAP. The legumes and quinoa (in certain quantities) can also mean a food can’t be classed as low FODMAP.

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Don’t forget onion is high FODMAP too. I really, really want to try this but am worried it might cause mega problems for me. I might try adding one bag later but no way would I chance 3 bags.


From 15th September you’ll be able to add one bag to your order like with our other products.


@DanOfficialHuel Is the cup included if your first Huel Savoury is brought as a 1 bad add on?

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Unfortunately, it’s not.

I usually just make it in a mug :+1:

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@Dan_Huel thats actually quite annoying.
If I buy one bag to try, like it, then purchase the 3 minimum will I get a cup or will I not be allowed because I have already brought it?

Thanks. Hopefully you’ll make a low FODMAP version at some point in the future!

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You’ll be eligible for a pot yes :slight_smile:

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