Love the Korma hot meal, but what about more low FODMAP options?

I used to take Huel at breakfast and lunch. I then discovered the hot meals and tried the Korma option and it was fantastic. Loved it!

So I wanted to try more options but ALL aside from Korma, contain onion. Worst still, in some cases onion powder! This is next to lethal for those of us who must stick to a low FODMAP diet (which has transformed my life).

I used Huel from the start as it was low FODMAP, but it offered me the fibre I needed in my diet and over time, it really balanced out my digestive system.

I would LOVE for you guys to come out with more low FODMAP options for us who MUST stick to this diet. As an example, I went travelling for business and I was misinformed of no garlic and onion in a meal. The following day I suffered from pain, heavy bouts of diarrhoea and uncontrollable gas and toilet breaks. It ruined the end of my trip and left me unwell for almost a week afterwards. Diets like low FODMAP transform our lives and since Huel has also helped to be part of that, it would be amazing if you could include more options in your hot and savoury line-up.

Alternatives for your chefs to try that are FODMAP compatible yet give the same lovely onion flavour:

  • Chives
  • The green part of spring onions (no white at all)
  • The green stem from leeks
  • Onion and garlic infused oils.

But the most important thing to avoid at all costs. Onion and garlic powder. This is poison to me and many sufferers! Please use alternatives so we can enjoy your foods!


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Hey Nick, good to see you back on the forum.

It’s a great question! Onion and garlic powders are super important for flavour. We couldn’t use oils because they need to be in powder form! Spring onions could be interesting and similarly chives, although the taste profile isn’t exactly the same.

Be aware there are also additional ingredients in H&S that also contribute FODMAPs such as freeze-dried tomatoes, black eyed beans and sultanas. These ingredients bring nutrients as well as flavour so are even harder to replace.

We absolutely have, and will continue, to consider recipes that are suitable for low FODMAP diets but sometimes it’s not always possible. I’m sorry you can’t enjoy H&S like you can with other Huel products!

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I’d appreciate a low FODMAP verison, too. Just sayin’.

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