Future products

@Julian Will Huel ever stock products like protien brownies, whey etc

I would prefer to get all my products from one place and it would be easy to add it all to my monthly order. However I also know this might not be the direction you want to go. Just wanted to ask.

Thank you.

@LLOYD_AF we will are developing new products. In terms of whey, may I ask why would you like this? Huel does already contact 150g of protein per 2000 cals. Also why whey instead of pea and rice?

Im not interested in that product as such. Was more interested in snacks like protein brownies, bars, cookies etc

For those days when I’m not 100% huel. Sometimes it’s nice to have a meal in the evening.

We are developing a product at the moment which you should like.


Oh, you tease lol.