Gaining weight from a eating disorder

Hey I’m 25 I’m from uk
I’m basically very active I have a little one(age 2 ) to look after but I’m very underweight and was told I have a eating disorder but I’m looking for some help I desperately need to gain weight and im asking for advice or help please
I’m looking to gain weight and I constantly east and eat but clearly isn’t going on ?
Can anyone recommend anything to me to buy ! And gain weight
From harriett x

Hello Harriett - there are some articles in the guides section on gaining weight that may help you but if you’re really struggling, you may want to consider seeing a dietician or similar for advice?

Hey Harriet, if you’d been diagnosed with an eating disorder I recommend chatting with the health professional that gave you the diagnosis.

As Phil said we have some great articles on site that can help. I’d recommend giving them a read and the finding a product and flavour that you like such as Huel Powder v3.0 or Huel Ready-to-drink and showing your health professional the ingredient list and nutritional label for advice.