Female Eating Disorder Weight Gain

Hi! I’m a 21 year old female, looking for a way to gain weight fast. I’ve suffered from Eating disorders for a lot of my teenage life, and despite being mentally a LOT better, I really struggle with weight gain. I’m currently 43kg and 160cm, and want to get to 50. I also would like my period back! I love cooking and eating, so I wouldn’t want to replace any meals. But could I use the Black powder as an add-on to snacks/meals? I’m consuming 3 good meals and 2 large snacks (e.g. cereal, toast) a day, so how many shakes would I need? Thank you!

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You could use it. Each 90g meal of Huel black powder is 400g. Add some plant based milk for extra calories


Welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear about your past, I’ve been there, and Huel has helped me recover from my eating disorder. I use it as a pre-workout meal before hitting the gym every day, I range from 1 to 1.5 portions (so 400-600kcal) depending on needs :slight_smile:
I used to have it as a snack between meals, but since I discovered that working out not fasted helps me, I moved it there.
I would suggest adding a shake whenever you fancy something sweet to drink, as snack, or after a meal, you could get 1.5 portions ready every day, and force it down before the end of the day, sipping through it all day long, without drinking it all in one go as well :slight_smile:

Hi Freya, welcome to the Huel forum.

Huel Powder may be consumed by individuals with anorexia or bulimia nervosa as a useful source of complete nutrition. However, we recommend that individuals with eating disorders only use Huel Powder after discussing it with their doctor or relevant clinician.