Getting married in May!

Hi all. I was recently engaged and am getting married in May. I just purchased my first round of Huel a few hours ago and am expecting it to be here by early next week (fingers crossed). I’m really wanting to start my marriage off right and I’m excited for what the next 3 months of intentional eating and activity has for me. I’m in the US so my measurements will be different than most of what I’ve read (I’m always googling how many lbs a stone is face palm). I currently weigh 390 lbs (almost 28 stones). I began IF 2 weeks ago but have still done a pretty garbage job at being mindful of my positive food intake. I believe Huel will help me financially but also with the fact that during the week, if I don’t bring a lunch from home, then I’m going to eat something pretty awful. I still intend on eating dinners but I do want to purchase a heavier supply of veggies over anything else. I have no desire to drop weight extremely fast. I really just want sustainability and as long as I don’t mind the flavor and consistency of Huel, then I see this being a really great avenue for me.

A few questions before I start my journey next week. My IF hours are 16 / 8 where I eat between 12PM and 8PM. I don’t snack (at least I try not to) and I don’t currently take supplements. My goal is to begin waking up early in the mornings before work and getting some jogging in but as of now I live a heavily sedentary life. I have a stand-up desk but I’d say that probably doesn’t count for much :joy:

My questions, would you recommend replacing all my lunches with Huel during the week or only a few? How many scoops in my shake would you recommend for a 30 year old male, 390lbs, 6’4, currently sedentary but moving towards light jogging in the mornings. Remember, I am only taking in calories between 12PM and 8PM. And are there any tips you might have for me as I prepare for what’s ahead.

Thanks so much. I’m excited to be a part of this tribe.

To be honest in those very early stages I’d scrap the intermittent fasting and work your way (slowly, to avoid digestive issues) up to 100% Huel.

Find a TDEE calculator online and eat 750 calories under that. It’ll fall off you. Weigh yourself every day, but only monitor losses on a weekly basis to account for water weight.

If you don’t go 100% I’d bet a healthy hand you’ll keep getting tempted away into unhealthy and highly caloric snacks.


100% Huel isn’t sustainable and from the few articles I’ve read, Huel is a meal replacement but I haven’t seen where they themselves recommend going 100% Huel for all your meals. And that is the quickest way for me to burnout and go back to all the garbage. Lunch is easy for me because I can make it the night before, throw it in the fridge and then not have to worry about anything else and I know that if I don’t allow myself something yummy (even something super healthy) and different for dinner, then this whole thing will last 3 days before I get frustrated and fall off. Sustainability over “weight falling off”. Like I said, I have no desire to lose lots of weight fast. I just want to incorporate better lifestyle choices. Gotta crawl before I can walk.

Sure, just my two cents. If you’re meal prepping yourself I’d certainly measure your food by the gram and learn how many calories are in your common staples. After a year meal prepping for work lunches, I can now pretty easily ‘feel’ 100g of pasta and 200g of chicken, purely because I weighed that combination so often.

Weight loss is plain and simple energy in < energy out.

At 28 stone I’d estimate you could safely drop to 24 stone by May. Any faster would be ‘too fast’ as you say. :slight_smile:

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Oh man. My wallet can’t afford for me to lose much more than that at that speed. And sorry if my original reply seemed brash. That wasn’t my intention. Sadly, when things get difficult I tend to try and find a way out… but if I’ve invested some time and sweat in to it then I tend to be able to push through. I remember all the times I tried to quit smoking, quit drinking, quit eating fast food, and begin waking up early to work out all at once. So many failed attempts after day 2.

I appreciate the advice. I need to go pick up a scale anyways for the kitchen so this will be good practice.

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Good luck man! It’s all about the willpower, diet and exercise. :slight_smile:

Diet 90%, exercise 10%. :slight_smile: