This is my first day!


So this is my first day! I had my first Huel for breakfast! I like the taste and texture! For the moment and to let my body get used to it,I am only having one Huel a day.

In relation to the rest of the day, do I just eat normally but watch my calories and stay within the calorie intake I have been recommended? I am using My Fitness Pal to calculate my calories.

I need to lose a little bit of weight for my wedding in May, but I need to stop the snacking in between meals!

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Welcome to the forum! Thanks so much for getting involved. One Huel a day is spot on, you’ve clearly been reading your booklet. Absolutely, if you aren’t looking for any specifc weight loss/gain then eating regularly but using Huel for one meal is perfect but if you want to lose a little for your wedding (:tada:CONGRATULATIONS :tada: ) then you might need to have a quick read through our Guide to Fat Loss

Look forward to your updates.

Thank you for you reply Tim! And thank you for the congratulations on my wedding! The fat loss guide is a great help!

I had my Huel at about 8am this morning and I am still feeling full which is a good sign as I am normally snacking by now and clock watching to see if its time for lunch yet! I am good at eating healthy meals but it is the snacking that is my downfall!

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