Wedding Countdown - 10 weeks to go!


Like so many other posters, I struggle to stick to things and am therefore writing this post to (hopefully) be more accountable to myself.

As the subject line suggests, I am 10 weeks away from my wedding, and have just subscribed to Huel. I’m a bit nervous about listing numbers on here, but I know I’m overweight. I’m about 35lb (about 16kg) above a healthy weight for my height. I know there is no way I could reach that goal before the wedding (and I’m not about to try and compromise my health!) but I would love to knock a good chunk off that number and maybe start married life at around 20lb lighter - 2lb a week is a healthy loss and usually what I lose when I stick to a healthy eating plan.

I will post progress updates once a week(ish) and maybe photos when I’m further along.

Date of post: 13th May, 2019
Weeks to wedding: 10
Clothes size (14-16)
Target to lose: 35lb (16kg)

I am going to be initially replacing breakfast and dinner with a 3 scoop shake and having my normal lunch at work (can’t really be dealing with all the questions that will come with a shake - or the raised eyebrows if I decide to have a piece of cake one day).

I have just had my first shake for dinner and added some cinnamon and a banana. I have gone for the unsweetened and unflavoured version, as although I know all Huel is low sugar, I’d still rather not have refined sugar and sweeteners (I did really well in terms of health and fat-loss on a completely refined sugar-free food plan a few years back).

The shake was fine - kind of earthy and neutral. I have made the same one for my breakfast and put it in the fridge to thicken up. I think I’ll have to find an alternative to bananas to go in my evening shake as I don’t really want to be eating two bananas every day. Any tips welcomed!

Wish me luck!


You calorie counting? Have you followed the weight loss guide?

Posting your stats (height, weight, m/f, age) is always helpful.

Can eat as healthy as you want but still fail to lose weight.

I always like to think of it like this:

  • Manage your weight with calories
  • Manage your organs with nutrients
  • Manage your muscles with exercise
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Yes, calories are worked out of MyFitnessPal - my lunch is always the same throughout the week so after calculating it once and adding in Huel and Oatly for coffee, I won’t need to track each day as they won’t change much.

I’m aiming for around 1,500 calories a day. Loosely, this is:
Breakfast: 450 from Huel +90 from small banana
Lunch: 50 from broccoli, 40 from raw pepper, 180 from hummus
Dinner: 450 from Huel + 80 allowance for berries / cacao powder etc.
Drinks: Oatly Barista Style - approx. 250ml over day in coffee

Going to see how I get on and consider reducing to 2.5 scoops for one or both Huel meals if I don’t feel hungry.

Some stats have been added to the above post now. Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

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Good luck! :+1:

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Most frozen fruits work. :strawberry::cherries::peach::mango::pineapple::coconut: Also coffee, cinnamon, cacao.

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Good luck!

I must say I’ve found Huel has made my life so much easier on the calorie counting front and I’ve been losing steadily. It helps to have such a great goal to aim for!

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Good luck :slight_smile: I commend you for sticking to something like this so close to your wedding, I was a ball of stress with the organising and eating everything in sight :joy:

@DaniW Well, let’s see whether I actually DO stick to it before throwing on the commendations!! I suppose our wedding is pretty laid back and I’m just kind of hoping it’ll all come together nearer the time :joy:
I tend to work better under pressure, so figure July is the month things will get moving (wedding is 27th July!)
I suppose not having to worry about cooking and preparing food (or buying it) will take one thing off my ‘to-think-about’ list, so that’s a plus :slight_smile:

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@clairabelle_xox Thanks! I know I won’t be hugely different weight wise in only 10 weeks, but I haven’t even gathered the courage to go dress shopping yet… I’m hoping that over the next 5 weeks I will lose between 5 and 10lb, which should put me more comfortably at a size 14 rather than 16 and then I will feel up to finding a dress…

That’s the plan anyway!

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Thank you, I am looking forward to trying some different frozen fruits!

@Bee Thank you! I will need it :joy:

I have seen quite a few posts about your journey, you’re an inspiration!

Thank you! @thetambert I’m much more comfortable with the new me. Walking my two girls is much easier now I don’t have as much weight to carry :grin: :dog2::dog:

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@Bee It’s true what they say about the biggest victories being nothing to do with the number on the scales… When I lost some weight (about 2st) before after eliminating refined sugar for a year, the biggest victories for me were

  1. Buying a pair of size 10 shorts
  2. Feeling comfortable wearing vest tops in public
  3. Looking at the before and after photos and feeling so proud of the changes

I expect you can go for longer walks with your fur babies too now, so I’m sure they are really appreciating the change! :green_heart:


Wow size 10! I’d kill to be a size 10 again :stuck_out_tongue:

I have never been a size 10 with my build. Size 12 jeans and size 14 tops are just right for me.

@DaniW @Bee

I only stayed at the size 10 for about a month and then the weight crept back on. I would love to get back to that but that’s a long term goal.

Short term goal is that I will be able to wear all the size 14 clothes I own comfortably (I can still just about squeeze into a few items as long as I don’t eat all day or try to sit down!). That’ll basically give me a whole wardrobe back, and then I will aim for size 12. Then size 10. Has to be small steps, took me a while to get to this size so can’t expect it to disappear overnight (though how I wish it would!)

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Hello, Hueligans.

The weigh-in will happen tomorrow morning, but here is an update on how my week has been - from a hunger, emotional and energy point of view (I may not have time to write much tomorrow as have a crazy busy week ahead at work).

Food and Drink
I’m almost a full week in. My Huel arrived Monday afternoon last week, so since Monday morning, I have so far had 12 Huel meals, one bowl of fruit with soya yoghurt and seeds, 6 x lunches of broccoli, hummus and raw pepper, and one lunch of broccoli with channa masala.
Drinks wise, aside from Huel, I have had lots of coffee with oat milk, a few tumeric teas and buckets of water.

Huel Mixes
All my morning shakes have been 3 scoops, and I have had either 2, 2.5 or 3 scoops in the evening, depending on how hungry I’m feeling. I add a banana each morning, along with cinnamon or cacao. Evening shakes, I have tried a few different additions, including blueberries, mandarin and cacao, and cherries both with and without cacao.

All shakes are made with U/U Huel.

I have been feeling pretty good since getting over a weird lurgy on Monday and Tuesday (started before I was using Huel). My energy levels have been fairly steady towards the end of the week and I have been sleeping well.
I have had a few urges to eat other foods, but nothing overwhelming and sticking to my plan of 2 Huel meals a day was fairly easy.
I wouldn’t say I LOVE Huel yet, but I definitely love lots of things about it, like the convenience and ease of not having to spend time cooking or deciding what to eat.

I’m generally a bit hungry when I wake up, but then have coffee and that dissipates for a short time. I take my breakfast shake to work and have been having that at about 8.30am over an hour or so.
By the time I have had lunch at around 1ish and come home from work at 5pm, I have been really hungry most nights and ready to drink my next Huel. Each time, I have worried that it might not fill me up, but every day I have been surprised to find I am fully satiated for the rest of the evening.

Goals for next week

  • Continue as I have been with 2 x Huels a day and a healthy lunch
  • Try an U/U shake with nothing added
  • Avoid beer on Saturday evening (I’m running an event at work and know it will be quite a high-stress day, so coming home after that, I know I will be feeling like I’ve earned a few beers!)

I’ll post a stats update tomorrow.

Hope all is well in everyone else’s Huel journeys!



Date of post: Monday 20th May, 2019
Weeks to wedding: 9
Number of weeks Hueling: 1
Clothes size: (14-16)
Target to lose: 35lb (16kg)
Weight last week: 12st 1lb (76.7kg)
Weight this week: 11st 11lb (74.8kg)
Total lost in week: 4lb (1.8kg)
Total lost over 10 week wedding countdown: 4lb (1.8kg)

Happy to be back in the 11s, although I know initial loss is mostly water weight etc. Still, a great start for the first week and feeling positive about the next week.

Will post on Sunday with all the other stuff and Monday with the next stats update.



I just started 100% huel on Monday, and my wedding is on 20th of July. I’m starting with one week, and then I’ll see… I’m thinking I might do like one regular day/meal and then continue with a whole week of 100% again, and then continue like that for as long as I can. And see how i works.

Maybe we can help eachother stay on track :slightly_smiling_face:


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Well done!

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