Trying Huel for my wedding diet

So I wasn’t really sure where to go with my ramblings about trying to lose weight using Huel, and have decided to start a forum thread to see if there are likeminded people on here for support.

My goal is my wedding in June 2018, my problem is that Weight Watchers / Slimming World etc don’t work for me as I have too little willpower (and no ‘off switch’) to be allowed a free reign with things like fruit and potatoes! I have had great success in the past on a high protein / low carb diet, but now being vegan for the past few years, and hypothyroid to boot, I can’t seem to shift a single lb. I won’t claim to be grossly overweight, I’m female, 32, 5ft 7 and around 11st 4lb. I’d like to get down to 10.5st for my wedding, which I think is achievable if I can just stick at it!

So, my Huel arrived today, I’d already had Alpro yogurt and a banana for breakfast, but having just my Huel for lunch. See how this goes…worth a try!

Any tips and advice from fellow “losers” would be very welcome!! Wish me luck…! Pippa

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Best of luck! I didn’t start Huel for weight loss but I am attempting to become more fit and cut down on sugars etc. I suggest finding ways of changing huel to satisfy your cravings, and changing up flavours now and then. For example, if you start craving baked goods, try making huel waffles- they’re very filling! Or if you’re craving chocolate, add some cocoa or some of the huel flavourings. Check out the main thread for endless flavour ideas. In general, you’ll be more successful if you try a gradual change of diet and lifestyle rather than going straight into full-on dieting mode, so try to ease yourself into it. I also think it is better to have measurement/size goals rather than weight, you could end up losing fat but gaining lean tissue so looks-wise you’ll change more than what the scales say.

As for your upcoming wedding, congratulations! I got married June this year, great month to pick :smiley:
I didn’t try very hard to lose weight as I didn’t want to pay to get my dress altered, but I did end up losing some in the 3 weeks before the wedding due to planning stress. If you plan to DIY stuff, it’s a great way to keep yourself busy if you tend to eat more when you’re bored- but it can be so tedious. I wish I had given myself more time for crafting. Everyone will tell you to drink a ton of water in the lead up to the big day, but it really does help!

Thanks Klaire :slight_smile:

I mixed up some of the flavour samples last night to try. I’d been for a short run and had a ‘normal’ dinner for me (courgette noodles and vegan mince spag bol) but was still showing way under my calories on MFP, so I had a toffee huel to end the evening. Now I am enjoying a banana for breakfast (probably my favourite, but I would use less, as a bit sweet) and have a mocha in the fridge for lunch.
I may still have a soya latte when the coffee van comes round at work- still got to live!

I think you’re right that a gradual change will be most effective, and i’ll probably find it easier to stick to Huel daytimes at work rather than weekends and evenings, but it gives me a good place to start.

As for the wedding I am not really a crafty person!! So pleased to say we have ordered / hired most of what we need, but we are going over to Croatia to wed so hopefully won’t have to worry too much about the finer details! Just concentrating on me in that dress…! :blush:

Hey Pippa, a hearty welcome to the Huel Community! I’ve no doubt you’ll find a plethora of useful advice and great people to support you. In addition, many congratulations on your engagement! Looking forward to your updates over the next 9 months, make sure to send us a wedding day shot when you’ve hit your goal!

Thanks Tim :slight_smile: I am excited for my Huel journey! My parents and husband to be are even thinking of trying it, they are all keenly watching me as the guinea pig right now!

I will definitely send wedding pics when (not if!!) I hit my goal and look fit and slim in my dress! Counting down!

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Hello! I’m actually doing a similar thing - I’m also getting married in June 2018 and have recently started having Huel for breakfast (a bar) and lunch (a drink) and it’s definitely helping overeating - I don’t feel as hungry but I’m losing weight (when I stick to it)!

I’ve also tried Slimming World and I had the same problem as you - if I’m allowed as much pasta and potatoes as I want, I’ll have all of them! I also got into a routine of ‘rewarding’ myself with a treat after every weigh-in, which just wasn’t helping. With Huel, there are no official weigh-ins, I’m just having a much more healthy breakfast and lunch!

Good luck!

Ah a wedding diet buddy!! Can I be nosey and ask how much you are hoping to lose? And how long have you been using Huel to help?

I think I am just too black and white in my thinking to succeed on one of the usual weight loss plans. I need something very rigid and clear cut. I like the idea of Huel as it’s so easy to track and I know exactly what I’m getting. On Weight Watchers I’m far too inclined to “guesstimate”!

I haven’t checked my weight yet as it’s only day 3 and I want to give it a good week but things I have noticed so far:

Slightly more urgency to go to toilet but without being too graphic, feeling better once I have.
Absolutely no feelings of hunger until well past normal meal times.
No desire to eat junk.

I did have a couple of glasses of wine with my brother last night as I hadn’t seen him for 6 weeks. Hopefully that won’t have had too negative an effect on me. I guess we will see on Monday!

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1lb loss today- HALLELUJAH!!!

I am really surprised and pleased as I’ve stayed more or less the same weight for about 6 months now, can’t seem to lose ANYthing no matter what I try, so thank you Huel!!

I also went to a party Saturday night and had a few G&T’s, so overall I haven’t been a total saint for the whole week, but I’ve just found Huel so easy to stick to and count, it’s been a doddle!

So as of this morning, I’m 5ft 7, and 11st 6.5lbs. My goal weight by March / April next year is 10st 7lb. Watch this space…!

Download Myfitnesspal and count your calories. Energy in / energy out is the only reliable way to lose weight. Willpower is just an excuse. You can easily just start saying no to yourself when something tempting comes up, it depends how much you want your goal :slight_smile:

I am all over the MFP!! :slight_smile: I am quite sure this is the only way I have managed to lose weight is that I have been tracking my calories and managing to stay on track for a deficit of 500 - 600 calories per day.

I have been fairly active also, and am tracking the calories “earned” through exercise too. I guess I could not add them and be at a higher deficit, but I don’t want to feel tired or hungry, which I haven’t been so far, and 1lb per week will be enough for me to get to my goal by the time limit, as long as I remain committed!

Great news on your success so far - I too am a strayer from Slimming World - the rule about appetite being your only limit was just a green light for me to eat as much ‘free’ stuff as possible - so massive portions …

Anyway, swapping breakfast which I hardly ever ate,and lunch with Huel made with Almond milk and 4 pieces of fruit throughout the day… plus a balanced counted meal at night… day 3 here we go…


Myfitnesspal makes ALL the difference - it’s crazy how many calories some things have without us even thinking about it.

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Good plan Tracy, sounds sustainable! Are you going to track calories also, or just try and be ‘sensible’ and see how it goes?
I think due to my hypothyroid also, I have to be a fair bit stricter with myself than the average person to see results, plus I only really have a maximum of 14lbs to lose so not loads and loads, which I think makes it a little slower anyway…?

I was the same on SW- potatoes are free?! Well that’s TWO jacket potatoes and a salad for dinner then :joy:

I weighed in today as it’s the official one week point since my last weigh, and the -1lb is confirmed! I’ve also been an itsy bit constipated for the last few days (side effect of the Huel?) so I thought that might be making a difference!

Good luck with your weight loss!!

Thanks for the support - really does help

Im counting my calories during the day, so Huel and fruit etc but then trying to do sensible meals when I eat with my boys… they are at a very vulnerable age - 11 & 14, so dont want to influence them too much - just show them ‘good’ choices. They are both mad football players so are very active…and burn off everything they consume - oh how I wish that worked for me too …

That’s very sensitive of you, I’m sure that some of us who end up with body image ‘issues’ and bad relationships with food later on in life are almost always influenced by our childhoods, however unknowingly!

Are you counting the calories of your evening meals too? I have been vegan for a few years, so my diet has been generally very healthy and veggie-heavy, but my issue (before starting Huel & MFP) has been portion control! I am now actually weighing my food and measuring portions and lo and behold, managed to actually lose weight.

I just really hope I can stick to this, I would like to lose 14lb my March / April so only about 0.5lbs per week. Should be doable?!

Im not counting calories as such, but as a life long dieter etc, I am fully aware of where I fall down… white bread, butter, and until 2.5 years ago, unlimited white wine :frowning:

I now choose protein rich meals, such as meat/fish etc with veggies / salad… I steer clear of lots of potatoes, pasta etc

Nearly at the end of my first week, so hoping for a good result - anything is a bonus and it is definitely helping my wallet, with not paying for food at work etc

So I’ve been doing Huel for a fortnight now and not lost any weight :frowning: Had a mini meltdown at the weekend over a going-out dress that would not fit me!!

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I have been told I am just being very impatient and to stick with it and give it more time. The Huel definitely helps me stave off snacking so I’m going to continue with it anyway, but I just don’t understand how I can increase my exercise by 1 - 2 sessions per week, and cut down around 400 kcals a day and NOT lose anything?! So frustrating!

Then you know exactly what’s happening and just answered your own concerns.

How closely and how accurately are you tracking your daily caloric intake? A longterm deficit will work, but it has to be accurate and consistent.

Keep it up :slight_smile:

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could you be under estimating your calorie intake ?

i would stick with it, it has worked for me very well as a diet aid

what would you eat/do on a typical day?

I can’t be underestimating too badly during the daytime as I just have Huel only and no snacks. Typical evening meal will be courgette noodles with tomato and veggies, and some quorn pieces, vegetable curry and brown rice (which I weigh for MFP) or Linda McCartney burger and veg / salad.