Trying Huel for my wedding diet


Are you counting all the calories of your drinks as well as as food? They really add up, way more than I expected.


The depressing answer is that if you’re not underestimating your calorie intake, you’re overestimating your calorie expenditure. There’s really no other answer.

That said, remember that your weight will fluctuate, depending on how hydrated you are and how much food is in your intestinal system. Single weigh-ins are not reliable, ideally you should weigh yourself every day and calculate a weekly mean.


Well usually I only have a soy latte 2 - 3 times a week and other than that just water or a (very occasional) green tea. We don’t buy soft drinks or anything at home. Sometimes on a Saturday I might have a wine?! I do count it but I guess I could be under counting?


i would suggest upping your activity level and sticking with it, eventually you will see the benefits


Thanks Andeem, after my little meltdown I think I might be avoiding the scales for a few days?!!!

I know that my thyroid is quite severely underactive (am currently on a dosage of 125 mcg Levothyroxine) but I wonder if I should get this reviewed also? I will give it another week of strict counting and try again. I worked out my BMR on the calculator and it said 1600 so I reduced my intake to 1310 assuming that I would burn a few extra with just my usual activity. But I suppose worst case maybe that’s only a deficit of 290 a day?


Sorry, I hardly ever come on here so didn’t see this!

I kind of have a floating goal weight - in a perfect world, I’d lose in the realm of 5-6 stone (to be a ‘healthy’ BMI) but I don’t know how realistic this is before I buy my wedding suit in the spring! I’m combining using Huel with going to the gym 3 times a week, but I’ve no idea what’s realistic tbh. I’m mainly looking to just be able to look at myself in the mirror and not see the fat person I’ve seen my whole adult life. I don’t necessarily need to be anyone’s definition of ‘thin’ (and I doubt I ever will be), I just want to be proud of myself when I look at my wedding photos!

Yeah I agree with the Weight Watchers thing - Huel is so helpful because it just eliminates my choice for 10 meals a week (I do a bar for breakfast and a drink for lunch every working day), so I don’t have to guess whether something’s a ‘healthy’ choice or not, it just is healthy every time!


Hi pippa! We are very similar height/weight/age and looking to lose the same amount! (Or I am now what you were in September when this post was created) . Very interested to see how you are getting on :slight_smile:


I am on a meal plan (started a week ago) of around 1800 cals a day having one huel 3xscoops a day in that plan. All going well so far. Not going on the scales for another month but feeling unbloated/healthier and full of energy… and most importantly no cravings yet which is my normal fault… binging off bad cravings!


Hi Jay,

well 4 months on I am a little ashamed to report my results to be honest! Basically stopped trying towards the end of last year, ate what I wanted in the lead up to Christmas and then went mad over Christmas! Long story short is I now weigh 11st 7lbs!! I still plan to get down to 10st 7lbs by April 16th when I have my first wedding dress fitting…

However the good news is I have been back on a mix of Huel and protein powder for at least one meal per day, and have managed to shift about 5lbs since the new year (I was even heavier!!)

Wold be great to keep each other updated as to progress?! Also just so you know, I am on a plan of about 1400 cals per day and doing some SERIOUS exercise too! Working my butt off to shift the weight- what’s your deadline to lose it? You might be okay if you have a bit longer (or a less crappy metabolism)?!

Pippa x