📓(Possibly) Daily weight loss journal

OK, so here’s my effort at a weight loss journal. I’m more likely to do IJ (intermittent journalling) than IF (intermittent fasting) but hopefully this will give me a bit of accountability (goodbye Co op custard doughnuts, I’ll miss you).

Starting weight about 76kg. Need to check on some accurate scales.
Long term goal 60-65kg depending on how I look and feel at that point.
Time frame - approximately 1 year. Maybe I’ll be beach body ready next summer!!
Short term goal 1kg per month. Weekly weigh in.
Height 165cm.
BMI 28 :cry:
Age 49 :frowning:
Excercise: Dog walking. Gardening. Housework. Maybe start running again?
Goals: drink more water. I live off coffee and ginger beer (often with rum - thanks to discovering the Dark Storm cocktail at the mix’n’mingle last year!)

Breakfast 421 cal. 3 scoops of Huel blended with coffee, cocoa and a few drops of flavdrops white chocolate just for some sweetness. How else will I get rid of that stuff? I cup of coffee with 50ml soya milk.

10.30 Another cup of coffee 21cal
11.30 Coffee Huel bar 250cal
14.00 one new potato and another huel shake as this morning 450cal
17.00 one tummy tickler 460cal
19.00 1/2 tube pringles (found them lurking in the cupboard, don’t plan on buying more!) 530 cal


Not much to report. I still haven’t weighed myself, but the past 3 days I’ve had 3x3 scoop shakes, a huel bar and some rice cakes and hummus each day. Works out at around 1600 calories. Will try to continue like this, just having the odd regular meal to preserve what little is left of my sanity. Exercise is very hit and miss, usually just dog walking. I’m not a gym person.

Got a nasty surprise when I finally remembered to weigh myself this morning. Apparently I’m 80.2kg, I over 12 1/2 stone, which I’m pretty sure is a new “high” for me. Time to get things moving back the other direction.

What do you use to count calories? Personally I find MyFitnessPal to be really handy, especially since you can just scan the barcode of most things and it’ll instantly bring up the right amount of calories, fat, protein etc. Sometimes you have to do a bit of working out how much you had (if what it gives you is the calories per 100g for example)

I’ve found the most important thing is to log absolutely everything, even if you’re not sticking to the plan (except coffees and teas if they don’t have sugar, yes they add up, but to what, 100-200 cal/day? I don’t really consider it worth it, but if you’re aiming for a particularly low cal/day you might want to). At the very least, doing this gives you a better awareness of the calories that are in certain things - I recently had an Asda custard donut and was mortified to discover it was 250+ calories… it wasn’t even a very good donut (nothing beats Morrisons IMO). Today I discovered that Mayonnaise has a whopping 600+ cals/100g, and gave myself a much smaller serving than I would have done before…


Putting on weight day by day, I have to put off weight. But don,t want to diet. I need to put off my belly fat as soon as possible. Now at the moment what can i do?

I use Samsung Health. I have to admit I haven’t been logging cocktails which I really should. I hate diet drinks as I’d much rather have sugar than artificial sweeteners - most of which bring on a mild asthma attack.

Two weeks in.

Weight 78.8kg/ 12st 5.7lb
BMI 29.

I’ve been pretty good at staying under my calorie limit this past week. Having 2 or 3 shakes each day plu’s a bar or two as snacks. Sometimes I have a regular evening meal, sometimes I have corn thins and hummus as a snack. It hasn’t been difficult to stick to really. A lot of the weight loss is probably due to the fact I haven’t been making mug cakes every day as I was a month or two back, I haven’t had any custard doughnuts or crisps or biscuits either. Not easy to be active in this heat, unless mixing cocktails could ts as activity!

I’m encouraged to see a fair bit of weight has come off already, and if I remember to pop into the doctors surgery on my way to work next Monday morning I’ll weigh myself again then. I’m actually surprised I’ve lost any weight as ive been having a fair few cocktails and not really counting the calories on those. Something I must try to sort out this week.

3 weeks in. Weight’s gone up a fraction but as I’m on week 3 of my monthly cycle I’m not going to panic. Will be interesting to track this having watched video posted by @GTIPuG. Was very interesting so thanks for that.

Weight 79.6 kg / 12st 7.4lb
BMI 28.9 (goal 23)

I’ve been staying within my calorie limit, mostly eating huel shakes and bars, with granola and yogurt 3 times, home made mushroom bolognaise with gf spaghetti one night and 2 no bull burgers in buns with mayo, relish and pickles another.

Haven’t been very active because of the heat.


Weight 78.4kg/12st 4.8lb
BMI 28.8

Slowly heading in the right direction, a bit slower than I would like, but I’m generally a very impatient person, and I’d much rather lose weight slowly and keep it off, than yo-yo.

Forgot to weigh myself last week, and didn’t finish my post the week before, not sure what happened there, must have been distracted by something.

Been having 2 or 3 Huel meals every day, would love to goo 100% with just the odd “normal meal” once a week, but the cravings for savoury and crunchy are still too much atm. Maybe I should try adding a bit of salt to my Huel and see if that fixes it.

Oh dear. Progress is very slow. Must be consuming more calories than I realise. Maybe in my sleep?!

Weight 12st 4.4lb (78.2kg)
BMI 28.7

1 stone 4.4lb…i think you could maybe eat more.

Thanks for spotting my typo

Do you track them?

No, not usually. I’m a bit hit and miss. Basically I have 2 or 3 huel shakes per day, sometimes a huel bar, sometimes corn thins and hummus, and when I have one “normal” meal it’s nothing excessive. I probably eat out two or 3 times a month. Again, not excessive, don’t have starters or desserts. But sometimes I bake carrot cake or muffins, and despite promising I will share them, I end up eating it all myself over the course of a few days. I’m not obsessive about food or weightloss, and I really don’t want to be. I haven’t been very active during this heatwave, which won’t have helped either.

I’m not just here for jokes. My proof reading skills are invaluable.


Or did you mean my typos?

Yeah, that’s fair enough.

I guess without being a tool or meaning to come across as arsey, “sometimes” and “probably” don’t make a great case for consistency, and consistency is key if you’re serious about the loss, no matter how slow.

I suppose it’s a trade off between goals and your current lifestyle, no one has the right to tell you you’re doing it wrong but maybe a pointer can be useful.

Yes, you’re right, I fully accept that. I don’t feel like I’m “on a diet” or even “trying to lose weight”. My attitude is, I’d like to lose weight but it’s not the main focus of my life, I feel that with what I eat my weight should go down, which it is, albeit very slowly. I appreciate that eating cake and biscuits, and the very occasional (3 or 4 per year) vegan pizza, will not help with weight loss, but at the same time, reading what other people eat and still manage to lose weight, it seems a little unfair. Being more active would definitely help. Eating less crap would definitely help.

When I say sometimes I mean each day I will have as a “snack” either a Huel bar or 6 corn thins with roughly half a standard size pot of hummus. I don’t have a lot of food in the house since my son and his girlfriend moved out, so my snacks are fairly monotonous that way.

When I say I “probably” eat out 2 or 3 times a month, I mean as an average over the year. In fact it’s probably less than that, on average twice a month, but depending on how many birthdays, anniversaries etc are in a month it can vary between none and four. I only get pizza express vegan pizza as a takeaway, twice a year, and go to Yo Sushi 2 or 3 times a year. I guess what I’m saying is I don’t get fish and chips every Friday night and a Chinese on a Tuesday or whatever. It seems to me that my eating is pretty reasonable and I begrudge my belly fat, but not quite enough to go on a serious weight loss programme!

I’m afraid I don’t have the dedication or inclination to post every day, detailing exactly what I’ve eaten and how many calories I’ve burnt. I’m far too lazy for that!

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OK, I’m gonna try to get serious about this.

• 100g coffee huel. Glass of water. 400kcal
• 100g vanilla huel with 2tsp cocoa powder, drop of mint extract. Glass of water 400kcal
• 2 slices of bread with Vitalite 250kcal
• Tesco veggie red Thai curry 382kcal

Total calories 1432

Excercise 3 1/2 hours dog walking
(2×6km) 20000steps 900kcal burnt.

According to my phone I have a net caloric deficit of 500cal. However, I only took my phone on the first dog walk, so I need to add 450kcal to that making a deficit of about 950.

Feeling super stressed and fairly depressed today, so appetite a bit dulled most of the day.
Went shopping for pb, hummus, tahini, but ended up picking up a massive loaf of reduced bread as well as a reduced ready meal. Craving savoury and needed a perk. Had two slices, rest went in freezer.

Highlight of the day - 2 lovely dog walks, not too hot, walked in shade, dogs did me proud.

Low point of the day - work stress, money worries.


•Breakfast 100g of coffee Huel w 500ml water, plus a glass of water. 400kcal
•Lunch snickers huel 400+39+30 = 469kcal, glass of water.
•Dinner White rabbit Smokin Vegan Pizza = 741kcal (better be worth it, it’s still in the oven right now!) Coffee with soy milk 40kcal

Total kcal in - 1650
Total kcal out - no idea, bit of a lazy day