📓(Possibly) Daily weight loss journal



•Breakfast ~ 3 scoops coffee Huel +400kcal, water
•Lunch ~ 1 portion cocoa huelava, cup of coffee +400kcal, water
•Dinner~ home made Thai green curry +500kcal approx
•Snack ~ 3 corn thins w hummus +100kc
2 slices of bread and jam (craving sugar after curry?) 300kcal?

Total kcal in ~ 1700

Excercise ~ 90 mins dog walking (6.65km/8814steps) -445kcal
Total for day according to Samsung Health on my phone, which (wrongly)assumes I have my phone with me at all times,
11647 steps 505kcal burnt

Huelva kept me full for ages, like a lump of cement in the stomach. Maybe because it’s pretty dense?



Breakfast - 3 scoops coffee huel 400kcal
Lunch - 3 scoops vanilla huel w 1tbs PB, 2 tsp cocoa 469kcal
Snack -
Dinner -


Past couple of days have been a bit of a blur - overdid the weekend partying somewhat. Back at work today though so hopefully I’ll be able to keep track again.

Breakfast - 100g coffee huel 400kcal
Lunch - 100g vanilla huel w pb & cocoa 400kcal
Snack -
Dinner -


Hey Wendy! How’s the calorie counting experience going? :slight_smile:


Not good at all - I don’t have your dedication I’m afraid. Everything has been very erratic recently and I seem to have lost about half my appetite but I’m not expecting miracles. I need to get more exercise as my diet is pretty okay.


It seems to have done the job. Also I had a blood test done a while back which indicated my sodium was very slightly low, and I was waking in the night with intense muscle cramps. That has also stopped. Woohoo!


It’s OK to eat salt as long as you drink enough water. An interesting thing I read about cramp and it seems to work for me: when you have a cramp, take a pinch of salt and put it in your mouth. Before it even gets into your system the cramp fades - it’s as though your body knows it’s OK to relax as the salt is there now.


It’s not that I’m anti-salt particularly. Just that as I have Huel 2 or 3 times each day, I noticed strong savoury cravings each evening, to the point where I would buy a bag of chilli coated peanuts or something similar to get my fix. I wondered if there was a connection between that, the low sodium blood results and the night time cramps. Adding a tiny pinch of salt to each Huel seems to have sorted it.


I’d take that advice with a pinch of salt.


Okay, I’m gonna try this again, as my body is currently not accepting regular food, so that takes away the incredibly boring calorie counting.

Saturday 29th September

• Coffee huel 500kcal
• Berry Huel 500kcal
• Mint Choc Huel 500kcal
• Cocoa and Orange Huel bar 250 kcal

Total 1750 kcal

Steps as counted by Samsung Health on phone - 10176
Distance walked 7.29km

Total calories out - 1957kcal

Deficit of 207 kcal


Don’t you find those Cocoa/Orange bars terribly addictive? I do!


Definitely. The plan is a maximum of one a day, but difficult days might see me having 2 or even more.


Sunday 30th September

• Coffee Huel 500kcal
• mint chocolate huel 500kcal
•Coffee huel 500kcal
•Scrambled tofu 350???
•Cocoa orange huel bar 250kcal

7630 steps = 5.49 km

Total kcal out =
Total kcall in = 1600?
Weight unknown. Might remember to weigh myself as I pass the gp tomorrow.


Sounds like your on quite the adventure!
Have you tried replacing the Huel bars for fruit instead? Maybe 2 Clem’s or 2 Pears? Maybe try 2scoops of Huel instead of 3? I’d try to avoid sugary snacks like them delicious Snickers bars :joy: there just full of unwanted pleasures your body wants haha.

I’m no expert by the way but just maybe try experimenting with veggies and fruit for snacks. At the moment I’m on 2scoops for breakfast then fruit/water then 2scoops at lunch then just water, then a good old hearty meal because my fitness program to me ATM is pretty crazy. Even though your calorie counting, have you been making note of the fat contents of your snacks too? There the crazy ones that like to creep up on you!

Really well done with how your doing though, you weigh loads less than me so good for you but just keep trying different things like everyone says it’s not a sprint it’s a marathon.

Amazing work Wendy!


Nothing wrong with the bars :slightly_smiling_face: At least they are also pretty balanced and don’t leave you with cravings. Fruit doesn’t satisfy my hunger at all, it just spikes my blood sugar and makes me want to eat things like chocolate.


Oh I no there’s nout wrong with the bars it’s just she mentioned Snickers in an earlier comment that’s all. Oh no that’s to bad :slightly_frowning_face:.


Ĺol, I wasn’t clear, when I said Snickers huel, I meant peanut butter and cocoa flavoured, not that I had put a Snickers bar in with the Huel. I use either regular pb, or the powdered type, depending what I have in the house, and either some chocolate favouring or some cocoa. Snickers themselves are not something I would eat, except in the event of a zombie apocalypse, perhaps!


I’m not a fan of fruit either, more of a veg person if anything. I’m not sure why, but fruit never appeals to me. Apart from bananas. And occasionally grapes. Berries are good, but that’s about it. Like you, I find it doesn’t satisfy my hunger at all, if anything it just makes me hungrier. And Huel gives me all the sweetness I can handle.


I’m a gutsy cow, and could never manage on just 2 scoops. I’d be hungry again pretty quickly and more likely to eat rubbish. I really enjoy huel, and really look forward to having it. Most of the time if I have something different, I get really annoyed if I don’t enjoy it like I used to/was expecting to. I end up wishing I’d just stuck with Huel. My downfall is savoury snacks like peanuts or crisps, so I try to keep rice cakes and hummus in the house to have at those dangerous times. Since I’ve been adding a tiny pinch of salt to each Huel, the savoury cravings have dissappeared.


That’s good. Interesting too, about the salt!