Getting rid of the lumps?

How do i get the lumps to dissolve in my Huel?. however much i shake it, I’m always eating the powder rather than drinking it. I bought into this after trying the ready made drinks and my home made ones are nothing like the shop bought ones. Any suggestions welcome - thanks!

I don’t think you’ll ever get it to resemble RTD but it’s much smoother if you leave it a few hours or overnight in the fridge after shaking. Or some folk use blenders for extra smoothness.

Also, I find putting a bit of water in before and after the powder, and not overfilling past the notch, helps.

there are many, many threads on here about this if you have a search and read through that include many options if you don’t have access to a blender. these include using mixer balls, ice, leaving it to chill overnight etc. You can also use the provided guard to help break up and filter lumps.

Welcome to the forum @Jo20 I’m so sorry to hear you’ve come here on bad terms :heart:

The powder is a different formula to the ready-to-drink meals so I’m afraid it wouldn’t be possible to get a like-for-like texture, as Phil suggested there are lots of tips and tricks shared on the forum but I would say the most popular or the best ones from my experience are ALWAYS water first, very important first step when prepping.

Adding ice or popping in the fridge overnight are other classics and if you had a little more time then using a blender.

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