Getting the 25kg monkey off my back

I’m writing this to track progress and share my experiences. Any advice would be much appreciated.

I’ve been overweight forever. The only thing that got me close to a healthy BMI was a stint on a keto diet. Three years ago this got me down to down to 84kg (13st 3lb). However, after taking a break to go travelling I just couldn’t get back into keto. The weight slowly crept up, then lockdown hit and it rocketed up.

So now I am starting back from 97.7kg (15st 5lb). It is 5 weeks in and going pretty well. I am down to 94.4kg (14st 12lb).

I am planning on eating an average of 2000 kals a day. 1800 Mon-Fri and 2500 Sat and Sun. This will allow for a steak and a few drinks on the weekend.

I’m using huel for about 1,200 cals a day. I have been tracking everything on My Fitness Pal and measuring everything on a scales. I walk about 7 - 8 kilometres a day. Normally a walk in the morning (a fake commute to working form home to get me going in the morning) and a longer evening walk.

I reckon this will put me at about a 500 calorie deficit per day, maybe slightly more. My Garmin would put the deficit closer to 700 but I don’t quite trust that number.

Current Basal Metabolic Rate = 1,849 (from
Starting weight = 97.7kg (15st 5lb) (Max recorded 98.9kg)
Target weight = 70 -75kg
Starting BMI= 33
Height = 172cm (5’8)

Current Weight = 94.4kg (14st 12lb)
Current BMI = 31.9

It sounds like you’re determined which is a good thing. Only thing I can suggest is maybe you should help the fat burn to include some cardio exercises if you can - light jogging at first and maybe some light running?
Calories are calories so if you eat less you than you use you will lose weight but that may help a little.

Good luck!

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good luck & well done making a positive start!

I’ve lost a stone recently far more easily than expected, mostly down to Huel lunches & careful calorie logging via Myfitnesspal app.

I’m also considering ‘a fake commute’ walk! :joy:

The fake commute is the secret to working from home!

Will hopefully turn it into a jog in the near future.

Nice one on dropping that stone

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Heya, only thing I would make a note of is that your basal metabolic rate is not the number to structure your loss around. That is the number of you were in a coma or suchlike, you should maybe calculate from a TDEE of being sedentary.

I only say this because otherwise you may not be eating enough and could end up going hungry and if anything like me you’ll just give up. Structure the calorie intake around a sedentary TDEE number, not your basal metabolic requirement.


I am assuming that basal metabolic rate plus around 10,000 steps a day would put me at about 2,500 calories maintenance. That would be an underestimation of my garmin by about 200-300 calories.

I am eating on average of 500 calorie deficit per day (if I am burning 2,500 a day).

Do you think I am miscalculating and eating too little?

Current Weight = 94.1kg (-0.3) - 14st 11lb (-.05lb)
Current BMI = 31.8

Didn’t exercise as much as I would have liked this week due to brutal weather. If I just moved my ass a bit more I would have hit the target. Still, a loss is a loss, so can’t complain.

Will introduce a short jog in the morning instead of a walk. I find it easier to jog in the rain then walk, as I head into an Irish winter the rain is a coming. I think a bit of cardio in the morning might kick-start my metabolism too.

I’m not a qualified dietician or nutritionist but anecdotally I should remind you that weight loss is like 90% accomplished in the kitchen.

It’s great to get exercise of course - I work out six days a week but the bulk of you loss will be accomplished through diet. Just something to consider and maybe cheer you up if it’s too gritty to go out! :grin:

Keep going you’re doing great.

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