Huel Goals

I have just started HUEL this week, substituting 2 meals a days with 3 scoops of huel + 500ml water.

I opted to eat a cooked breakfast which usually contains poached eggs, mushrooms, broccoli and rice cakes Throughout the day I drink water, a few black coffee’s and a cuppa soup… along with a few snacks ( intake 2100 calories a day) My current weight is 120 kg (5ft 11)

Is loosing 0.5 kg per week a realistic goal? I am new to this but feel great a few days in… Felt more awake and energised than ever before.



0.5 kg is realistic but not easy all the time. It relies on a deficit of around 1000kc a day.

What kind of snacks are you having?

Unsalted assorted nuts. 1 handful. Panda liquorice bars or cuppa soups.


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I’m sorry I don’t quite understand the answer. Really very new to this.

I’d work out your BMR. BMR Calculator I did it for you assuming you’re 30 years old and without any exercise you’ll burn 2408 calories. So you’re defecit of 300 calories per day, add on any exercise/gym if you do that. Otherwise if you don’t you’re looking at 2100 calorie dfecit a week and perhaps 0.3-0.4kg weight loss per week.

To lose 0.5 kg per week you need a calorie deficit of 500 per day = 3500 for the week. That means as long as you are burning 2600 per day, you can lose 0.5 kg a week on a 2100 calorie diet. That’s all it depends on really, not the type of foods you are eating. The type of foods will just make it either easier or harder for you to stick to it. Think fullness, energy levels etc.

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To lose half a kg a week, a calorie deficit of about 1000kc a day is required.

I just realised there was a typo before and I said 100kc, so I amended that.

@smab the way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you eat, and for an average person you need to burn around 1000 more calories a day than you eat in order to lose about half a kilo of weight per week. Does that make sense? They say that the daily calories for a man is 2500 and for a woman 2000 but I think modern lifestyles mean that is a bit high for many people. I know if I ate 2500 calories a day I’d be putting on plenty of weight. If you look at the calorie content of food it may scare you. Things like bread, pizza, cheese and cake are very calorific, add a couple of pints of beer and you can easily reach 2500 without realise.

On a 1000 calorie deficit a day you’d lose a kilo per week actually. Huel farts turning into brainfarts? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I am losing lb per week on a daily 500 calorie deficit.


See reply from @bee below yours.

Yeah? 1lb = 0.5 kg = 500 calorie deficit.

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Jeez, you were right…it must be brainfarts. Sorry, I got confused. LOL No wonder OP didn’t understand me.

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Thank you very much for all the helpful advice and information. Will be sure to keep everyone updated!
I am going to aim for one lb per week on a 500 calorie deficit.

Thanks once again