GF or not?

Like others on here I have noticed changes in batches of orders. The last batch I had was v2.1 but it was marked Gluten free. This batch worked really well for me.

The one arriving today is marked v2.2 but does not have a gluten free label.

So, is 2.2 gluten free? Is all the 2.2 gluten free or is there a standard version as well? How come I ended up with a gluten free order last time; I didn’t notice you could order it.

Hi Rich

We have a gluten free and a non-gluten free version of Huel. The order you just placed was for non-gluten free Huel, whereas the previous order was for gluten free Huel.

See the two different pages here:

Gluten Free Huel
Non-Gluten Free Huel