Huel BE now GF?

Has the Black Edition suddenly become Gluten free?
I don’t ever remember seeing the symbol next to it when ordering before

No - it was always Gluten Free :smiley:

Aha! Ok I probably new this and forgot.
I wonder if the graphic has changed as I don’t remember seeing the icon and text before now and I’ve ordered BE a few times now

same here - it must be a new addition - oddly, not on the actual Gluten Free v3 listings :grinning:

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Nothing changed in the product, we’re just making the messaging more prominent because people maybe didn’t realise BE was GF

We’ll be adding the same style messaging on all relevant products. Gluten-free was less of a priority because it’s already called Gluten-free in the name!

Hope that helps!

Thanks Tim, it makes sense. And it worked as I didn’t know BE was GF even though it’s most of what I consume! It does feel better value as well.

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Thanks for the information.
I thought that it has always been gluten free…reading the list of ingredients there has never been anything that could have been suspected to contain any gluten…

You are correct to think this. Black Edition has always been gluten free.

Stop it, my wife already thinks I love my Huel too much

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