Glue on Huel Bars

I ordered a box of Huel “complete nutrition” bars and in almost all of them I see glue from the wrap stuck to the bar itself. As I understand the adhesive strip used to seal the wrap shouldn’t be exposed to the product but it is on almost all the bars I’ve opened so far.
I found another post about this issue here
(Glue in huel bars) but I don’t think the question should be closed, because the previous poster isn’t the only one who noticed this and the answer that he got is incorrect:
the cold seal does use an adhesive. You can definitely see a sticky layer on the wrap. If it isn’t an actual “glue” it doesn’t change anything.
I think you should tell us if it’s safe for this adhesive to come in contact with food, and if it’s a production error that the adhesive strip is exposed.
I attached a photo where you can clearly see the glue transferred from the wrap to the bar.

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Following :popcorn:

Also wondering if the glue is vegan :rofl: :thinking:

I’ve worked in food manufacturing factories and anything which comes into contact with food like lubricants off machinery or in this case glue inside the wrappers will be food grade aka food safe.


Cold seals use something called a cohesive. In food packaging - these were water based natural rubber latex laminates but more recently, have switched over to a (still water based) synthetic latex composition in order to remove allergens. FYI - the term latex basically describes any polymer in a water-based liquid or viscous state. The word latex by itself does not refer to rubber latex.

They are widely used in food and confectionary packaging and easily identifiable, as the seals on the finished pack are flat vs. crimped for heat sealed.

All that being said Huel do need to speak to their printers and/or packers as the seal should only be on the overlap and end seals so there is either a misregistration on press (it would have to be a big one as the cold seal is pre-printed onto the reverse of the label material) – or on the packing line which seems equally likely.

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Hey, sorry to see this, this is something the team can look into as soon as possible. To do so, please can you email this picture along with your order number and the batch information to and we can rectify this asap!

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Same for me… glue on the bar.

Welcome to the forum, I’m sorry it’s for this reason. If you could please reach out to with the batch number on the bar and any photos if you have them so we can investigate this for you.

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Hi all - just to update for everyone’s benefit: I emailed Huel, and was informed that the residue is food safe and vegan. They are looking into resolving the issue.