Huel sticky seal

Hi Huelers.
Do you think it would be a good idea to have a sticky resealer on the Huel bars. Being a cyclist i plan to use these bars on the go as a fuel but I find they are a bit to big to eat in one and, due to the “moistness of these they slide out the packet when riding on the bike. Just a thought.
Or maybe halving the size ?

Are you actually proposing Huel release and manage an entire product line for this specific requirement? All you need to do is break a bar in half and put it in your own resealable bags.


Just have an extra 250 calories before your ride, or stop and have a little two minute break.

Not particularly safe to have one hand preoccupied on holding a Huel bar while riding in the first place!

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Haven’t tried the bars yet, but wonder if you’ve eaten half then theres maybe enough of the packet to fold over. Then once in your jersey pocket it’ll be held folded and so won’t be able to slip out?

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