Gluten Free Coffee Out of Stock

I’m running very low on my gluten free coffee huel and it is marked online as temporarily out of stock! How long does it usually take for products to come back into stock?

I have tried berry and vanilla huel but do not get on with them at all as to me the are to sweet and fake in flavour. Are there any others I should try based on this?


A lot of Huel users add either a couple of espresso shots or instant coffee to vanilla so you could try that - I guess a stronger / bitter coffee would dull the sweetness of the vanilla down.

Thank you! Will try with some instant coffee tomorrow

Yep, Instant coffee granules as @Phil_C says.
I can confirm it tastes awesome.
It works better added as dry powder to the dry huel powder and all mixed into the water at once in my opinion.
(Rather than making a coffee and using that instead of water to mix the huel, altho others have recommended this method too!)

I agree wid dat.