Goal Achieved: Weight Exactly the Same

I know most people’s goals involve changing themselves in some way. A lot of people want to lose weight, and some people want to gain weight.

My goal was to remain weighing exactly the same. This may not sound like much of a goal, but it’s still important to me.

I have been both overweight and underweight in the past. Back in 2001 my diet was quite bad, but I was very active, doing a lot of walking. Then Foot & Mouth hit. Do you remember that? Well, I couldn’t walk anywhere because all the footpaths in rural Gloucestershire we closed, but I kept eating the same rubbish, so my weight crept up to a bit under 14 stone, which is a little into the “overweight” category for 6ft.

But in 2013 I was just under 10 stone, which is getting towards being underweight.

Lately I’ve been stable at 10 stone 13 pounds, which is nicely around the lower-middle part of the healthy weight range. I think this suits my build type. If I go much over that then it shows on my belly, which seems to be a family trait.

So, 15 scoops of Huel per day, plus a standard evening meal. Sometimes a packet of crisps. Sometimes a bit of fruit. I don’t know what my total calories are, but it seems to be working for me. When I’m hungry I have Huel, and when I’m not hungry I don’t have Huel, and that seems to work out to about 15 scoops per day (5 shakes of 3 scoops each). It’s that simple.


@Marcus bud, every goal requires effort: maintaining an equilibrium requires the same mental focus as achieving a gain or a deficit. As individuals, we simply pick different numbers from the same number line. Humans are so complex that expecting the same thought from one as another, in my humble experience, is often a fruitless task. There’s no reason this would resonate with you or anyone else, just felt like an appropriate point to share something that resonates with me; it’s a quote by Joseph Campbell and it’s a high level principle that I try to stay true too (but sometimes fail lol): “Follow Your Bliss”. If steady state maintenance is your goal, never let in a thought that detracts mate, those little buggers have the propensity to defeat you over time lol :sunglasses:


It’s amazing how adapted humans are to maintaining a balanced energy intake. We are really good at just knowing when we should eat and when we should, it seems! Clearly you’ve got this down to a tee. Top work Marcus and thanks @Steve75 sharing your zen. Great mantra to have.


@Steve75 @TimOfficeHuel Thanks to you both :grinning: