Going from ordering one times to subscription


Usually with Huel I just place a one time order but i’m looking at the subscription because I burn through Huel much quicker than I’d anticipate, whats the benefits of the subscription model and can this be altered say if you have too much Huel or halted?

In particular, I’m looking at switching to Huel Black. Is there any option however to have two Huel blacks and add a bag of white onto the subscription or the RTDs? Another silly Q, if i move to subscription for the first time and change to black do I get another free T :wink:

you can see answers to your various subscription questions in this guide here.

No :rofl:

damn! fancied adding the black tee alongside my grey one :rofl:

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If you start a subscription with Huel you automatically get a 10% discount applied to Huel products.

You can edit, pause, cancel, add one-off products and create a new subscription whenever you like in your subscription account area.

This is an incredibly handy guide on how you can amend your subscription.

Once you’ve added your subscription products into your basket you will get a pop up come up in your basket which allows you to add single items, e.g a single pouch of v.3.0 powder, RTD or Hot & Savoury. You can also add these on as one-off purchases alongside your subscription.

I’m afraid as you will still flag up as a returning customer you won’t be able to get a free t-shirt added to your order. However, I’m sure if you ask the friendly Elves in Huel customer experience they might be able to help you.