Granola bars?

So I bought the Granola and don’t like it. But was thinking it could make a good snack made into bars. Anyone got a good recipe? I thought this would already exist but can’t find it anywhere.

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I have made sort of granola krispie cakes using cocoa butter and whatever sweetener /flavourings I fancy. Adds calories, obviously but the cocoa butter has a high melting point so they don’t fall apart easily. Also works well with dark chocolate :blush:


I didn’t like it either - wish I’d thought of making it into bars or balls or whatever. I ended up giving the last of mine away.

I love granola. I started off buying both original and berry flavours and alternating it. Now I just buy berry. My daily breakfast is 60g granola with 100ml almond or oat milk, left to soak for a few minutes while I make up my lunchtime shake. Soaking it for a while makes a huge difference.

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I didn’t. I tried snacking on it dry, but it can’t compete with the bars as a snack.

I love the bars too, especially the new ones. Very moreish :yum:

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