Loving granola

I just had my first bowl of granola and I’m loving it. So I’m here to buy more, but find that unless I buy four boxes, I have to pay postage, which puts the price up quite a lot. I understand why, but it’s tricky to store that much.

So I go to buy some bars, but find that the minimum number I can buy is 16 - a bit many for something I haven’t tried (although I’m reassured by the overwhelmingly positive reviews here). But I’d really like to try a mixture of flavours - could there be an option for this?

Anyway, I’m just pondering. I think with shakes, granola and bars, I’ll be happy to go 100% Huel for a week.

Any likely issues with Brexit? should we be stockpiling? I’ll clear out a cupboard if necessary!

Huel Granola is life