Graphic design

I had chance to try huel and some competitors, finally deciding for the first one.

Only one major thing is quite an issue: the packaging makes not clear which one is vanilla and which one is unflavored.

I had to write it big in the front with a marker.
A detail, but the devil is in the details, they say.

A color or a text information that is not hidden in small letters on the back would be good.


I just stick a strip of blue vinyl on the front of my open pack of Unflavoured Huel. No semantic meaning is implied; it’s just the colour I was using for a project at the time and there was a handy sized offcut. So far it has been removed and re-applied several times and I have not used the incorrect flavour by mistake.

Agreed — but since the label for U/U is white-on-black the difference is highly visible if you just store the packs the other way around!


Yes I know I can figure a way around, though that’s a flaw in graphic design. If the final user has to figure out a way around, the graphic is not delivering.

With extra time and energy huel provide everyone with enough time and effort can overcome this very challenging situation and eventually figure out solution to this obviously flawed design :slight_smile:


I believe so! Worth noting them.