Great tool for weight loss

I started using huel in September last year I was obese at the time weighing in at 16st 6lbs, huel helped me control my calorie intake along with healthier food choice and time restricted eating today I am 12st exactly and within my healthy weight range and itโ€™s in part thanks to huel powder, this really is a great tool to aid you in your weight loss journey :+1:

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Iโ€™ve found the best tool for weight loss is a padlock on the fridge.

Wow that is an incredible achievement! Thank you for posting this, hopefully it will help inspire others who are finding their weight loss journey challenging.

Which Huel was your go to?

I started off with the normal huel powder and about 2-3 months ago went onto huel black addition, my go to flavours are vanilla banana and I swap the 3rd with other flavours

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