Huel is better than good!

Initially got Huel as a sort of convenience really Viewed it as an easy, balanced calorific intake and simply a case of making a shake for lunch.

In 2016 my weight started like 104kg. It is now (this morning) 89.6 kg. Height of 6’3". Pretty good going far a casual lifestyle, too.

Since my cardiovascular exercise regime, or any regime for that matter (wrecked my femur too), is on hold - I need to eat more carefully as I hold fat just on my stomach, nowhere else.

I don’t burn off as much energy now or hit the gym and I find Huel exceptionally good at maintaining weight and providing more than adequate sustenance for the day.

Tastes amazing with Almond milk & even better with Coconut! Not too fussed about the flavour, got Vanilla and Unflavoured and both are alright.

Glad it’s going well for you :slight_smile: