Ground flaxseed and cyanide


Any news on this? I’m concerned and will not consume Huel as often as I planned.

I’m getting a bit tired of the comments that “if I’m still alive it’s great for my body”.


What news are you after?


If anyone knows if there is more studies done on the cyanide. Also, if you guys at Huel are looking at alternative ingredients?


We’re certainly not looking at alternative ingredients as we don’t see this as an issue. I do not agree with the information


Nothing to see here. Move along people.


Too bad mithridatism does not work in case of cyanide :wink:


Is Sweden the only country that picked up on this and issued an recommendation? Are we overreacting in Sweden or is no one else taking this seriously?

This is a major concern and is currently the only thing standing in my way for trying Huel (or some competitior, most of them using flaxseed).


I would hardly call “don’t eat crushed flaxseed” a sensible recommendation. Have another read of Gulliver’s post: Ground flaxseed and cyanide

This is scientific theory at it’s finest. Something might be technically possible in virtually impossible circumstances and because we don’t have actual facts and figures we are going to issue a blanket statement which helps nobody practically but covers our arse.

In the absence of a double blind diverse peer reviewed study we can look only at what is happening in the real world. And in the real world thousands of people everyday are consuming Huel and similar products which contain ground flaxeed, some of these people are even consuming nothing but Huel and they are doing fine. If this was a genuine issue it would have come to light long before now.


As far as I know, Sweden is the only country and interestingly, Sweden is currently Huel’s 4th biggest market.

The ‘science’ is flawed and I see no concern. Obviously, one would be forgiven for thinking I’m biased, but I would hope that people would acknowledge my transparency in other nutritional concerns, that if I felt it was valid, I would address the issue.


Anyone who feels this is untrue should spend a little time trawling this forum before posting. It proves James’s claim of openness & transparency.