Half and half

Acquired some unflavoured 1.2, ok but not the best, even with matcha flavouring, forgot how liquid it is also. Decided to mix it with same quantity of 2.2 vanilla and 300ml of water…tastes great and perfect thickness.

I’ve never tried 1.2… That was before my time :stuck_out_tongue:

But, I’ve mixed vanilla and U/U in both 2.1 and 2.2. Initially, half-and-half, but now I go with roughly two-thirds U/U to one-third vanilla. It’s just right for me.

I’ve had some issues with the thickness of 2.2, especially as I mix mine then refrigerate overnight. But my current mix works perfectly… 24g vanilla, 42g U/U, 425ml water, 4-5mg unsweetened organic cocoa plus a tea-spoon of either cinnamon powder, ginger powder or coffee granules.

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Tried your mix, tastes as good :grinning:

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