Happy Easter!


Happy Easter! That’s the most phallic Easter greeting I’ve ever seen, Phil.

(Second most. We don’t talk about what uncle Kev did.)


What tools do you use to create that image? Could you talk a little about your process?

Sure. The tools used are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dimensions.

  1. Created a basic egg shape using a distorted sphere in Dimensions.
  2. Use transparent png files of the Huel logo and chocolate splashes to apply as texture decals onto a default patterned gold foil material on the egg.
  3. Render it at double the size its needed and then mask it in photoshop to make a more regular egg shape.
  4. Using a stock product shot of the open shaker, paste the rendered egg onto it and scale to fit the mouth opening.
  5. Then duplicate the tumbler image layer twice above the positioned egg layer.
  6. Set one to reduced transparency to make it appear the egg is inside and set the other above it to multiply to add back some definition to the mouth of the tumbler (play around with transparency of this layer till it looks realistic).
  7. Link both of these layers to the egg layer below them so you don’t need to create any masks.
  8. Put these three layers into a group and apply a reveal all layer mask to the group.
  9. Using the vignette tool – add a graduated black to white blend to the layer mask from the base of the egg to the top of the tumbler – this gives the effect that the base of the egg is less visible through the frosted tumbler as its further from the edges.

That’s it