Huel hand blender tip - bubbly milkshake consistency

Hi all

Just thought I’d share a little technique I’ve “discovered” (I doubt I’m the first) over the last few days, when making huel specifically with a hand blender. It’s all about making use of these little holes in the head:


All you need to do is, once you’ve got the Huel to a nice smooth consistency, pull the blender head to the very top of the mixture and hold it there. It needs to sit just slightly above the top of the mixture, at the point where it’s sucking up Huel and squirting it out of the holes against the side of the Huel shaker (or whatever else you choose to blend it in). This is how it works with my blender anyway - yours might behave slightly different but I’d hope that the principle works pretty much the same - find the sweet spot where you’re mixing air into your Huel but not flinging Huel all over your walls :stuck_out_tongue:

If you hold the blender here for a good half minute or longer, it aerates the Huel to make a lovely, bubbly milkshake consistency.

Side note - if you overfill your shaker it goes without saying that this will go horribly wrong. I tend to use 100g Huel, and fill to about the 550-600ml point


Oh good tip! :smiley:

Great tip!!

Agree. Stick blenders do a great job of mixing this stuff.

“But not flinging Hule up the walls” :joy::joy:
How did you know my predisposition to causing chaos😂

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