Has anyone tried this way of flavouring Huel?

I’m thinking of adding a drop or two of cake flavouring extracts such as

Has anyone tried this and does it work?

A variety of flavours is the last thing stopping me from eating Huel for a large part of my diet. The flavour pouches are difficult to close, make a mess, require an extra teaspoon, many have caffeine.

I haven’t tried these, but you should experiment with fruit. If you don’t want the extra sugar/calories, maybe try half a tablespoon of cinnamon?

I have used peppermint. It is good…especially alongside raw cocoa powder…but you don’t need very much of it as it is quite strong.

I also bought a salted caramel one…but haven’t tried it yet.

Did you use pure peppermint oil or a cake flavouring?

Fruit = effort and sugar. Cinnamon might be nice sometimes.

I used the peppermint extract in the top link. Not from Waitrose but exactly the same ingredients as that one.

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I use pre-cut frozen fruit from Tesco. Added sugar, yeah but I don’t add much. Just a suggestion

I highly recommend these for flavouring …

The toffee flavouring is my favourite.

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Thanks, those look perfect, how many drops do you use per shake?

It’s trial and error. The flavours differ as do personal tastes so just give it a try and find your sweet spot.

As a side note - anyone know if something like these will work? There’s tonnes of different listings on eBay with some interesting flavours, wonder if they’d yield similar results to Flavdrops?

No idea. I just squeeze the bottle and a bunch squirts out.

I likely use a lot more than they recommend on the bottle. I have a sweet tooth :wink:

can’t beat myprotein for price efficiency! I use flavdrops too: only concern is that the concoction is not low-GMO anymore hehe.
They have guidance on the no. of drops in the flavdrops instructions: around 8drops for a shaker bottle worth.

Before the flavour powders came along I used to put raspberries in mine, along with a dose of raspberry flavour extract. I forget where I got it from but I’m sure the internet will provide. Worked beautifully, much better flavour than adding the fruit alone.

not tried them, but no reason why wouldn’t work. Jaegerbomb flavour tho…

The MyProtein Flavdrops I mentioned above are available in a raspberry option. I had a Huel shake with that this evening. Nom nom nom :slight_smile:

I keep seeing these mentioned. Very tempted to try them but there’s 17 flavours & even at the current 30% discount that’s still a few pence shy of £60 to try all of them. Before you say it, yes, I would have to try them all - otherwise I’d be forever wondering maybe I’d prefer one I haven’t :wink:

I don’t suppose they sell samples? I didn’t see an option.