Has anyone else tried adding syrups?

Hi all, this is my first post on the forum. I’ve been using Huel for about three months now and really love the stuff. It’s definitely helped me to cut back on rubbish food, reduce my meat intake, lose a bit of weight and maintain the weight loss.
I have a sweet tooth. Initially I tried the flavour boosts but after a while I was finding that I needed about three tea spoons of the stuff to get the flavour penetration I was looking for. So I decided to try adding syrup flavours (like the ones they out in coffees etc…Simply and Monin are the brands I,ve tried).
It’s made a massive difference to the flavour and I find it improves the texture of Huel too.
I use 50ml of syrup for three scoops of huel (vanilla or chocolate), added to five ice cubes and 500ml of cold water. Spot on!
The best syrups are salted caramel, toffee and peanut butter my opinion, but there are loads to choose from. I experimented with the sugar-free ones but they don’t pack much of a punch taste wise.
Now then…I know this means I’m adding more sugar and more calories to my Huel (about 150 cals per drink) but it’s still working for me as I find I don’t need to reach for sweet treats after my meal and I’ve almost completely cut out chocolate, ice cream, sweets, cake, etc. from my diet. So, overall, I’m taking in less sugar than I did before I started on Huel.
Has anyone else had similar experiences?

I’ve never used syrups with sugar, but have tried some of the myprotein ones which are sugar-free and I used before I started drinking Huel and more recently by TRKG (www.trkg.co.uk) which were recommended by James @JJMC and are great. Some are on sale at the moment.


And I’m still using these:

They’ve got sucralose as the sweetener.


I’ve added maple syrup to some of my Huel blends.


I’ve used myprotein flavdrops before - I quite like the coconut or raspberry (or both!) added to vanilla Huel. I find I need 15-20 drops for it to be noticeable in 700ml Huel.

I’ve used the toffee/ marzipan/ butter biscuit flavdrops too but they don’t really add flavour, mostly sweetness - I occasionally add them to banana Huel+powdered PB. I mostly add those to my morning coffee or breakfast oats though!

They have a whole range of flavours so there may be something for you there…I’m patiently waiting for them to make an orange flavour!!

These are also Sucralose sweetened.


Yep I used a bunch of coffee syrups, i think the Monin ones or maybe they were Costa coffee branded. They were a christmas gift and i don’t sweeten my coffee, but damn they were good in Huel (vanilla)

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This sounds good. I still have Pumpkin Spice Syrup from Monin. I don’t like sweeten my coffee so it’s going to waste. But now I can try it with Huel.