Health kick/ Weight loss journey for couple

Hi all, myself and my partner (Andy) have started day 1 of our Huel journey.
Goals: lose weight and improve health.
We are both engineers (I’m electrical and Andy mechanical) so are both fairly active. The problem for us is diet and sticking to it so the whole concept of of Huel really appealed to us.
Andy has high cholesterol and was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes so this was more of an incentive to change.
My Weight: 11.7 stone
Andy’s Weight: 15.7 stone
We are both having our Huel for breakfast and tea. Then having something lighter for dinner.
Day 1:
Blended our breakfast Huel last night with the strawberry flavour trial sachet and put in the fridge.
Verdict: Tastes of runny oats with a subtle strawberry flavour. I actually enjoyed it! Andy tolerated it also which I’m amazed by.
Both getting hungry now so time for our final meal/ Huel of the day.


Good luck! Good that you liked it straight away. I hated it at first but grew to love it.
It should be the perfect thing for diabetes and cholesterol, due to it being oat based.

Hey, this is my first day also. Really enjoyed it for breakfast and lunch, not had any hunger pangs and looking forward to s light healthy tea of fish, sweet potato and roast tomatoes. Good luck with it :slight_smile: