Healthy/ideal weight


Just wondered how I would go about working out a healthy/ideal weight for someone of my size/height/age etc? I’m pretty useless when it comes to these things, so just wondered if there was a method to use or whether there’s a calculator of sorts that someone could recommend?

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Here you go

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Interesting how it varies. I selected a random height/weight and age and it gave me several values:
Based on the Robinson formula (1983), your ideal weight is 156.5 lbs
Based on the Miller formula (1983), your ideal weight is 155.0 lbs
Based on the Devine formula (1974), your ideal weight is 160.9 lbs
Based on the Hamwi formula (1964), your ideal weight is 165.3 lbs
Based on the healthy BMI recommendation, your recommended weight is 128.9 lbs - 174.2 lbs


The BMI one is a bit vague! :smile:

Crikey. Either way, (after putting in my figures) I need to lose a fair bit of weight :sweat_smile:

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I think Huel can help you with that. :slight_smile:

With Huel I’m losing weight and using the figures as of now …

I should be 9ft 6 inches tall