Weight Loss Tips?

Hi Guys.

I’m a Huel ‘newbie’ just trying to get a little healthier and lose some weight… same as a lot of you guys !

Ive been on Huel only for 1 week, 1 or 2 shakes per day and already I’m feeling slightly better in myself! I have divuticilar disease and have notice decent results already… does anyone else have experience of taking huel with existing medical conditions? If so how is it for You?

Can anyone tell me what is a realistic weekly weightloss? I’m 5ft 9 and circa 90kg… my goal at the minute is to get down to 80kg.

20/11 90.3kg
27/11 88.4kg

Also any tips on things to add to my huel, berries etc?

Thanks in advance

The general consensus for weight loss it 1-2lb per week.

Use an online BMR calculator which will tell you how many calories you need to maintain your weight based on height ,age and activity level, you then can enter desired weight loss and it will give you a daily calorie allowance.

Any kind of fruit and vegetable will complement Huel very well from an health point of view. I can’t say much on the taste except that you should also give a try to the unsweetened version. The unsweetened version probably combines better with normal food. Huel is basically powder and pre-cooked oats (grains) and peas/soy (legumes) and some extra vitamins, minerals and essential fats. It’s missing some fruits and veggies.