New To Huel - Weight Loss Use

Hi fellow Hueligans!

Hope your all having a lovely day/evening!

I’ve just got myself a few packs of Huel Powder v3.0 and wanted help with getting started.

I bought Huel to use for weight loss, If it helps I’m currently 25, Male, 183cm, 125kg and hopefully looking to lose weight with Huel,

On the calorie calculator link provided in the weight loss article it says:

  • Maintain weight 2,729 100% Calories/day
  • Mild weight loss - 0.25 kg/week 2,479 91% Calories/day
  • Weight loss - 0.5 kg/week 2,229 82% Calories/day
  • Extreme weight loss 1 kg/week 1,729 63% Calories/day

Hopefully I can get some great tips in how I should prepare Huel from yourselves and looking forward to any tips to getting started.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi there!

Welcome to the forum. If you have a browse around the Weight Loss category in here you’ll find lots of useful hints and tips and some inspiration from other people who have lost weight using Huel.

A couple of key things to start with. Get yourself a calorie tracker like MyFitnessPal and try logging your food for a week to see where your calories are coming from. Some foods are surprisingly high in calories. This can help you figure out what you need to cut back on whilst you are trying to lose weight.

Start by only replacing one meal a day with Huel and work up to two or three. It’ll take a little time to adjust.

Make sure you are being honest with yourself about forgotten calories. Calories from tea, beer, soft drinks, butter, ketchup, etc. all count unfortunately!

Good luck on your weight loss!


A good tip for preparing huel for newbies is never put the powder in first it won’t mix no matter how hard you shake and just sit at the bottom as dry unmixed raw powder. Always put water (or milk or dairy alternatives) first then powder then mix it


Do people still say “newbie”? I thought your generation would have a new word for it, to make us old farts feel uncool.

(Welcome to the forum, @Davidoff_HD. My question was for @Berserker who I know is only 12)

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He used newbie in the title so i thought I’d use it. Idk what i would use
“Noob” maybe but thats more of a gamer thing then a generational thing.

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That’s pretty old too. But in my day (get ready for some edge) we used to sub in zeros instead of the “o”s. It was so cool we were the coolest, ya n00b!


I remember those days. back when i was actually 12.
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Good times

The other day I heard my nephew (14) call someone a noob. It sounded ridiculous, like hearing him say “daddy-o”.


You should of responded with ok boomer to him


Btw welcome to the forum its a good place to get info from people who already regularly use huel. Its best to start of slow (1 huel a day for a bit) so your body can get use the new food.
People like @David and @hunzas will try to derail this thread but I wont let them

hmm - I’m not sure I’d count 1kg a week as extreme - with good diet and light cardio its easily achievable but probably best - as others have said - to ease yourself into it. You’re also young enough for you body to adapt to the changes well and for your skin elasticity to compensate for the loss. I’d advise setting yourself some realistic monthly targets to begin with and see how you get on achieving them.

Get yourself some accurate scales - like this from Euphy to keep track of progress - but don’t get obsessed with it and don’t worry about BMI readings - they are generally BS and wildly inaccurate.

Get yourself a hand blender £12 ebay i use almond milk 80p Aldi makes the banana flavour tastier good luck

Thanks everyone for all your replies!

Has really made things easy to get started,

Anyone got good recommendations of what blenders are best with Huel?

Also how many meals ideally should I be replacing a day, I was thinking at least 2 myself.

Furthermore should I follow the preparation ratio of 500ml water and 100g Huel per meal or do I need more?

@Davidoff_HD honestly the easiest way to get a good answer is to use the forum search function. “Blender” should have loads of hits

I use a nutri ninja and find it perfect for my needs. The reason I use a blender is because I like to use ice. The reason it works for me is it has a large cup and it’s simply a case of adding my ingredients, screwing the cap on and putting on the base and pressing a button. 15 seconds later I’m enjoying my perfectly blended, icy cold Huel after unscrewing the top and drinking straight from the cup. A little rinse after for cup and lid and left to drain until next use.

Start with just replacing one meal a day, at least for the first week. Some people have an interesting time adapting to the increased fibre and change to nutrients balance from their normal diet.

As for how many meals to aim to replace, it’s up to you to decide based on your eating pattern and target calories. So if you decide to target 1kg per week weight loss at 1729 calories a day your day could look something like:

Huel breakfast 100g = 400 calories
Mid morning snack bar = 200 calories
Huel lunch = 400 calories
Dinner (cooked meal) = 729 calories

If you have things like milk and sugar in tea, or you drink stuff like Coke then cut out the snack and cut back on the size of the evening meal. It’s really up to you. Are you a 3 meals a day and no snacks person? Or do you prefer 3 or 4 smaller meals and a couple of snacks? Do you go crazy if you don’t have breakfast or are you someone who isn’t that hungry first thing? Do you boredom snack in the evening so would do better saving some of your calories for later in the day?

Basically you need to figure out what eating pattern works for you and then plan your food intake accordingly. The key thing is to pick a target amount of calories and stick to it. As long as you take in fewer calories than you use you’ll lose weight regardless of how many meals a day you have.


I have a Breville blender, its cheap and it extra good for Huel as one of the few ml measurements it has is 400ml- the perfect amount!

Hey Welcome!

I have a Nutribullet Rx.
I blend my shakes the night before if I’m off, or very early in the morning. I am on a 100% Huel since Saturday and combining it with Intermittent Fasting 16/8. I choose to skip breakfast.

Before 100% Huel, I replaced one meal and went up to replace them all.
I need at least 1000 calories a day and have to do it in 8 hours. So I use 500ml water & 90g Black Huel (but for everyone it’s different some like it thinner or thicker) and I eat a Huel bar in-between shakes. I only eat three times a day because of my busy work schedule. Some eat 5 or 6 times a day.

Good luck!:four_leaf_clover:

I’ve been intermittent fasting, having a healthy good lunch and huel in the evening. Started on 29 December and lost 12lbs so far /. Loving this new regime