My Huel ideal daily quantity formula

I thought I’d share the formula I use to calculate how much Huel I should be taking daily in case anyone might find that useful or care to comment on the principle. This is based on the premise that I start with less to lose weight and then end up eating the recommended daily amount when I have reached my goal weight.

(minimumCalorieIntake + ((maximumCalorieIntake - minimumCalorieIntake ) * ((startingWeight-idealWeight) - (currentWeight-idealWeight)) / (startingWeight - idealWeight))) / 4.02


minimumCalorieIntake is the lowest amount of calories I start off with to promote weight loss;
maximumCalorieIntake is the eventual daily recommended calories for my goal weight;
The rest is fairly self-explanatory.

So, if I have 1600 for minimumCalorieIntake, 2360 for maximumCalorieIntake, 95 for idealWeight and 108.5 for startingWeight, at:

108.5kg I’ll be drinking 398g of Huel a day;
106.8kg 422g a day;
and at 95kg 587g a day, etc.

So, in summary, this is a reversed principle that incentivises weight loss. Hope this might be helpful to someone.

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Speaking as someone who, mainly for my own amusement (but also to inform others), once created a spreadsheet that compared the nutrient levels of several multivitamin tablets and then used it to give them each a score, I like your style.

Have you put this data into a spreadsheet? If not, you definitely should. Maybe you could even code it as an online calculator that others could just tap the numbers into and get their correct amount of Huel back.


Yes, I think we speak the same language. There is in fact a spreadsheet behind this. A very big one that also tracks my weight including running averages, and how I perform against a weighted projection. You know, that sort of stuff! And just today I thought I should put up a little calculator on github pages to do this for anyone. Well, I suppose it depends on whether there is interest to use it. It would take me a good day to make it pretty.


I wonder if @JamesCollier or @Julian would be interested in this?

@Marcus @onehumanunit This sounds potentially helpful to users who aren’t totally sure how to calculate their huel quantity / don’t like the mathsy type calculations! Interesting stuff…what do others think?

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I can make a Windows and an Android software using this formula.

If people is interested. Not for me, just for help others.


Thank you @PacoA that would be very interesting.

I was planning to add a calculator to the site at some stage.

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Hi onehuman - interesting.

In your spreadsheet, is there a factor for output/expediture variations?

Hi @JamesCollier. At the moment - no. The sad fact is I’m just not doing any exercise at the moment! However, I’d be able to assist in adding it if it came to that point.