Newbie day1 looking for support

Hey there just started Huel today mainly for weight loss so any tips would be appreciated. I’ve looked at the weight loss calculator but I am a little baffled by it I think at 49 and 174lbs I intend to substitute 2 meals with Huel and have 1 meal plus a snack. This morning I had 1 scoop of Huel which is prob not enough but I wasn’t hungry really, I’ve had chickpea salad for lunch and will have Huel again later. If I’ve got any of this wrong please jump in as its only day 1 and I would really appreciate any advice/support

Hi @anne welcome to Huel.

This is a good guide:

For the calculator I need your height and activity level.

Thanks, Julian.

Hi there I am 5 ft 5 and walk about an hour a day with the dog a a steady pace


Using this calculator -

With these numbers - age 49, 5’ 5’’, 174 lbs, female, lightly active it gave these numbers

1946 cals to maintain weight
1446 to lose 1 lb per week.

May I asked why you were little baffled please? This will help us improve our instructions.

Based on the numbers, I suggest you aim for 1 lb of fat loss per week which is 1446 cals.

How does this sound? (These numbers are based on vanilla Huel)

Breakfast = 2 scoops = 312 cal
Lunch = 3 scoops = 467 cal
Evening meal = 511 cals of "traditional food"
Evening snack = 1 scoops = 156 cals

Total = 1446 cals.