Heartburn / Bloating Anyone?

Thanks JJMC. I did have a quick check after posting and noticed it was in stock this time. I might try it and see if it suits me better.

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I too am experiencing this “threat of heartburn”.

I’ve been using Huel since around June, so 3 months, only replacing breakfast Monday to Friday. I never, and have 99% of the time never, experience heart burn or this sensation of “threat of heartburn” before. It definitely begins shortly after consuming Huel. I’ve also never had to be gluten aware, so not convinced it’s gluten to be honest.

I usually have vanilla Huel with plenty of water, 2 scopes, blended, and usually a banana in there too. At the beginning I didn’t find I had this heartburn sensation, but it’s becoming more frequent and regular. I think I’m going to try the Gluten free version and see if I notice any difference.


I have the same symptoms as the others. No heartburn whatsoever on normal diet, but as soon as I have a Huel lunch, within 30-60 min, start getting that heartburn like acid feeling, like it’s going to repeat on me. It’s 100% the Huel (sweetened, no flavour sachet), as it occurs every single time, within the same time frame. Maybe my body is used to needing way more stomach acid and it over produces it, as Huel is much easier to digest than processed food?

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How thick are you making it?
How quickly do you drink it?
Any previous issues with gluten sensitivity?

Did you tried that Vainilla version to check if the heartburn came again?

I like your thought, could be that one

Hi, I’m experiencing the same heartburn symptoms. I didn’t in the beginning but recently am getting heartburn an hour or two after consumption. I was disappointed to find the same with the new mix. I’m giving it another go with the different versions and have ordered the gluten free, flavoured, unflavoured and unsweetened bags to see which if any work.