Hello! - my Huel experiment :)


Yes it is the best way.


They are so much better for being refrigerated overnight. I make one in the morning and put it in the fridge for around 4 hours and that one is never as good!


I am a big fan of vanilla over original, however… matcha definitely works better with original! I might even buy a bag of original just to use with the matcha flavour boost!


Day 8&9

I was barely able to taste matcha in my shake, but I’ll try with the original later.

I found out that the only wally for me to eat Berry is to mix one part of it with two parts of vanilla haha. Also will be checking 2 parts of mint choc with one part of vanilla to make it a bit sweeter.

Just about to place my second order. :slight_smile:

I weighted myself - 57kg, but for me 1-2kg fluctuations are pretty normal.


Yeah try the matcha with original!! imo all the flavour boosts go best with original as the base :slight_smile: I loved caramel too!
Have you tried mocha yet (with original) bc that stuff is thE BOMB I live off that ;>


Hey @Szura, thanks for the posts and for sharing your experiences. It’s great to hear you moving forwards and using Huel in such a positive way to manage your ED. I don’t have experience with EDs so sorry for not offering anything useful other than encouragement :hugs:

Keep us posted and all the best to you!


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve tried mocha, it’s fine but that’s all, maybe will be better with Original. Now I ordered original and U/U as well to check them out. Coffee was tempting but I’m staying away from the caffeine.

I’ll be updating you guys every now and then, Huel is starting to be a daily routine for me, I really appreciate how easy it is. I think there is no need for daily updates anymore haha. :slight_smile: