Hello! - my Huel experiment :)


A lot of people don’t like it…but it’s in my top 3 too. I didn’t think I’d like banana at all but that’s my favourite. I really don’t like strawberry.


I love pineapple and coconut too. Haven’t tried matcha yet as I didn’t fancy it and am not a huge fan of matcha tea (bags).
Does anyone actually like strawberry fs? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yet to try most, but trying it with U/U.


Day 6&7

Chocolate is fine, strawberry does nothing for me. Toffee and peanut butter & chocolate FlavDrops are pretty cool!

I have matcha shake prepared in my fridge and I’m scared. :laughing:

I binged yesterday while alone and under the influence :wink: but as it was easy to predict I stacked on healthy-ish options. I’m not stressing about it tho, I do not expect to be perfect. I’m still work in progress and I refuse to feel guilty because of food. We have to be kind to ourselves, right? :heart:

I’m just really glad that I still find Huel so tasty and as long as I enjoy something I don’t mind eating it every day. :stuck_out_tongue:


Looking forward to hearing what you think of matcha :grin:


I couldn’t taste the matcha at all when I tried it in a 100g vanilla shake, so probably nothing to be too scared about :wink:


Was that with the small flavour sample?


Yes. I could only taste the vanilla - didn’t have any UU to mix it with at the time.


Vanilla overpowers some of the flavour boost. Matcha in Original is delicious.
I bought a jar a real powdered matcha… (really expensive) but it wasn’t as good as the flavour boost.


Thanks, perhaps I’ll get a bag of original with my next order, and the flavour boost samplers again. Most of them didn’t really appeal anyway (except banana & rhubarb+custard, which work fine with vanilla anyway), but I did think the matcha might be up my street.


Some of the flavour boosts need more than what you get in the sample sachet. I’d recommend either ordering two boxes of samples so you can add 1.5/2 sachets to your powder if you need to. Or make your Huel with only 2 scoops of powder and 500ml water, so as to not weaken the flavour.

When you get a full bag of flavour boost it’s a lot easier to get the right intensity of flavour - I add 1/4 tsp at a time, shake and taste and keep going until I know now much is the perfect amount. Bear in mind that if you prefer the Huel watery you will need to add more flavour. Also refridgerating changes the flavour a little - I find it tones down the sweeetness but brings the flavour out


A full pack of Matcha flavour boost is the most expensive so not one you would want to waste. I might add a set of sample fbs to my next order and give it a try if it’s in there.


Yeah, I like my Huel thick (100g to 400ml) and refrigerated, so that shouldn’t be a problem :wink:


@Bee yes it is in the sample pack. I didn’t realise it was more expensive than the others.
I was planning to use the real matcha powder I bought instead of the matcha flavour boost but after trying both I like the flavour boost more: it has more flavour. I had to use 3 tsp of real matcha to get a good flavour in original/uu. But then it was too much caffeine for me personally (plus way too expensive).
I think if you like matcha it’s worth spending the £11.50 on the flavour boost. I’m going to add it to my next order for a bit of variety (currently have mint and caramel and mocha on the go)

The matcha is nice because it’s more savoury than any of the others (sort of… it’s sweet but not like desert sweet). It’s more refreshing. Especially nice really cold


I think perhaps I’ll give it a miss. I have plenty other flavour boosts to be going on with :grin:


Decided to go for the matcha boost & a bag of original in my next order. As I like the taste of matcha tea (although never got the hang of mixing it properly without getting horrible lumps!), it’s probably not much of a gamble and it seemed silly to get another sampler set with 9 samples I didn’t want or need :smiley:


I hope you enjoy it! Let us know what you think


Do you prep all your Huel the day before? I make and drink mine all in the moment, though I’m curious how they will taste once left a day in the fridge.

How are your storing them? In blender cups?


I prepare them in the evening for the next day. I use shakers, so I just shake them up, to the fridge, voila! In the morning I take two shakes with me, third one is either for dinner later that day or will become my next breakfast. For me they are much yummier this way than straight after being prepared.


I will have to try this. Thank you