Newbie and first week on Huel

Hi everyone. I’m Natalie

Been looking at Huel for months now on and off. Didnt want to commit until I was in the right frame of mind to actually start shedding some weight. Took a while to kick myself up the backside.

I’m 5ft 5 and starting weight of 194lbs (13st 12)

Started eating healthy monday and then started Huel tuesday when it was delivered.
I’ve been having either one or two shakes a day. Mainly breakfast and lunch. Depending on what I crave… if I want normal healthy foods then I have that.
Currently having two scoops of vanilla with 300mls of almond milk and frozen berries because I cant stomach it without :nauseated_face:
Seems to be working. I’ve lost 6lbs since monday so I’m happy. Moving a lot more too as my job I’m stuck in the car most of the day so getting myself exercising on an evening which I’m enjoying. Drinking loads of water… peeing allllll the time :joy:

Always been a fan of MFP but just never stick to it. Worked out my calories and I always feel like I’ve eaten loads by the end of the day but happy to feel full and content :blush: just writing this to keep accountable and say hello :v:


Best of luck

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Hi Natalie. Good luck with the weight loss :+1:

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With milk I dont like much… It seems a smoothie instead of food. I dont want to associate milk with huel. Everyone is different.

Also, is easier to have water around than milk

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Thanks everyone

I understand people would rather have water than milk and that’s fine. I cant stomach it without the almond milk so whatever works best for each of us ehy :slight_smile: