Help needed for diet plan

Hi guys,

I’m looking for some advice on how I should structure my diet to get more toned and maybe shed a couple of pounds before bulking up or just losing it whilst I work out.

I weigh 170lbs, 180cm and want to build up muscle and tone up. I am currently eating a 3 egg omelette for breakfast, 3 scoop huel for lunch, work out in gym every evening and then another 3 scoops huel…will this aid my goals or do you recommend something else…protein etc on top?? Complete novice but determined to get where I need to be and how I want to look, just need some guidance please guys?
Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Buy food scales to weight your food down to the gram and use an app like MyFitnessPal to track your calorie intake.

Build a diet that consists of mainly unprocessed foods, don’t fall for the marketing hype and buy lots of pre/post workout shakes/pills etc, 9/10 its just crap that will hinder your gains.

Try and following an intermittent fasting plan as this has been shown to aid in hormone balance. I tend to eat my last meal 3 hours before bed, and then don’t eat my first meal until 12pm the next day (Huel helps a lot here).

Get plenty of sleep, avoid sleep deprivation like the plague.

Do a split weight lifting routine in the gym, that allows you to train different muscle groups each day, this will allow you to go every day as you will be providing different muscle groups with enough rest.

Enjoy what you do at the gym. Its all good and well following a tip top plan online, but if you don’t like half the exercises then your not going to have a good time and will likely skip sessions. Pick the lifts your enjoy doing and just make sure that is enough to include all the main muscle groups.

This is all i can think of, from the top of my head lol.

I wish you all the best in your training and feel free to ask if you have any questions!