Help needed

I’m on day 4 replacing 1 meal per day.
Sometimes getting a headaches but drinking more water seems to be doing the trick.
The only problem I’m having is counting the rest of my caleries, I’m using fitbit app which seems to help,
Can anyone offer tips

Hello, I’m glad you found that drinking more helps with the headaches, I get the same problem and more water does seem to be the solution. Have you tried linking the Fitbit app to MyFitnessPal? Although Fitbit is fantastic at tracking activities, MyFitnessPal seems to have a more comprehensive food database as that is it’s speciality.

What about tracking the calories do you find most difficult? If you can give us a bit more detail about then hopefully someone can give you helpful advice! :slight_smile:

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I’d second that :slight_smile:

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Hi Heidi
Because I work nights I’m so used to having snacks i.e crisps, cakes the usual that’s not good for you.
I only want to use huel for 1 meal and have something I enjoy for snacks.

I have downloaded my fitness Pal and sync to fitbit
I have just purchased a fitbit flex 2 waiting for it to arrive, as I don’t get much excercise. But at work I do abit of walking.

Any ideas on snacks I can have that offer that won’t break my daily caleries or fat content

I think getting the Fitbit tracker is a great idea! I have lost 3.5 stone by counting calories with the help of my Fitbit tracker. It’s very useful as it gives you a more accurate estimate of the calories you have burned and adjusts the goal in MyFitnessPal, which means on active days you can eat a little more knowing you really have earned it and aren’t sabotaging your diet.

Choosing the right snacks is a very personal thing. You have mentioned that you want it to be something you enjoy so I’m guessing suggesting carrot sticks and celery isn’t going to be very useful to you! Personally I like salted popcorn as a snack as it gives you something savoury to munch on without having as many calories as a bag of crisps. You can buy it in multi-packs of individual bags which helps with portion control. It’s also low in fat, which you mentioned is something you are monitoring. Personally I have found limiting my fat intake has made it more difficult to lose weight as it makes me hungry, but it is an individual choice so you should use whatever system works for you.

You could also consider snacking on foods you like that aren’t normally considered snacks. For example, a friend of mine finds that the best snack for him is cheese or packs of wafer thin ham or chicken, as the protein and fat fills him up more than crisps or vegetables would, and as long as you manage the portion size you can minimise the calories. If you eat meat then that might be worth trying.

I’m sure others here can give you more ideas of low calorie snack foods. Good luck improving your health!


Huel bars are a good snack alternative :slight_smile:

I’ve linked my fitness pal and Fitbit together.
I have been using both to track my calories but I get different calorie count strange.
After my first week I have put weight on only a few pounds, think my fault as trying to get used to Huel and calorie counting.

If you use myfitness pal you can use your phone camera to scan the bar code of the food you are eating. This will automatically log all the nutrition and caloric values for you. Its very easy and efficient