Help with macros

Is anyone a whizz with macros ? I’m totally crap so here is what I want to achieve …

I need to use huel and maybe add protein and something fat ( cashew butter , coconut oil ?) to make 600 calories , 40% protein , 40% fat and 20% carb - it’s a bit beyond my mathematical skills ? Help !

I’m not a whizz with macros I’m afraid, but I’m awkward and would question whether this is truly a “need” :stuck_out_tongue:

but assuming it is, I’d probably just cheat and add an appropriate amount of whey protein powder, and then you’ve already suggested coconut oil - so for 100kcal Huel (40kcal carbs, 30 protein, 30 fat) you need another 50 kcals worth of whey, and 50kcals worth of coconut oil. It won’t be precisely 40/40/20 because the whey doesn’t tend to be 100% protein, but it’ll be near enough

PS I’m not a nutritionist nor have I tried this - this gets you to roughly the right macros but might be a terrible idea for reasons I’m unaware of

For 600 calories at a 40/40/20 P/F/C split, you want 240 calories from fat (26.6666g), 240 calories from protein (60g) and 120 calories from carbs (30g).

30 grams of carbs is obtained from about 81 grams of Huel, but we’ll round that down to 80g because you’ll likely get some carbs from your chosen fat/protein source.

80g of Huel powder contains the following:

320 calories
10.48g fat
23.6g protein
29.68g carbs
6.16g fibre

How much protein powder you add will depend on which protein powder you have, but assuming you have a fairly standard whey protein like this one in unflavoured, you’d need to add around 44 grams to get up to 60g of protein. To be more precise, 80g of Huel plus 44g of that unflavoured whey gives the following:

501.28 calories
13.78g fat
59.68g protein
31.44g carbs
6.16g fibre

The easiest way to get the fat up is with an oil, as that would be pure fat. So you’d then add about 11g of oil, which would be exactly 11g of fat (99 calories) to get the following:

600.28 calories
24.78g fat
59.68g protein
31.44g carbs
6.16g fibre

Assuming 9 calories per gram of fat, 4 calories per gram of carbs and protein, and 2 calories per gram of fibre, the macronutrient ratio of this meal is 37% fat, 40% protein, 21% carb and 2% fibre.

You can play around with the ratios a little if you’d rather get fat closer to 40%, but this is around about the sort of ratio you’re looking for. If using a nut butter instead, this will likely have some calories from protein/carbs that you’ll want to take account of too.

terrible english, sorry, dont need huel, but its handy for a quick lunch on the go …

awesome ,thank you so so much , thats my low carb diet sorted