Here goes

Day 1, Bought the Huel with high hopes… Im 44 years old, 6ft 9, 23 stone!

Doing 3 scoops twice a day then a healthy meal (protein, sweet pots and veg)

any tips?


I think the most useful tip here is to calculate your tdee to get a better idea of your calorie requirements, here’s one:
I’ve found it easier to stick to Huel for one meal and sometimes two by mixing up the flavouring and not having the same daily. Sometimes I’ll add peanut butter (or powder) and a banana, flavour boosts etc. Lots of posts in the forum for ideas on that.
Have you already started on it? If not maybe start with 3 scoops once a day before going to two in case your digestive system needs time to adjust!

@DanA I was 23 stone once! Lots of dieting (and experimenting with what works for me later) I’m 15 stone 10 now. I’m using Huel to maintain my weight, but can see how it can be used to lose.

I would get MyFitnessPal (referred to as MFP on here a lot) to log your calories and basically see what you’re eating (you can scan barcodes of what you eat and search for foods). That seems to be the way forward, as it asks you what you want to do ie lose, maintain, gain at the start.

I’m sure people who’ve lost weight with Huel will have more tips. Enjoy!

If you’re not used to having fibre in your diet (lots of veg, wholegrains, legumes and beans) then ease yourself in with 1 Huel meal a day for a week then build yourself up.

Good luck!