Hi new here - one for breakfast to start......need boost from all this herpes type 1

Hi - i started huel for breakfast two days ago, really enjoying it. i never ate breakfast before because no matter what i ate it would disagree with me for the rest of the day.

im looking to boost immunity as (today) having yet another herpes type 1 outbreak. worst symptom for me is bad back, bladder pressure, blurred vision, feeling unwell and tired. Can anyone else relate to these unusual symptoms? doctors aren’t convinced my back ache is due to hpv 1 but its what i had last time in June (which was my first outbreak and i didn’t know what was going on).

has anyone had any similar experiences of this?

i do have ehlers danlos syndrome but i refuse to be prepared to believe that makes me less capable to get strong and stay strong but this recent episode with my back is mortifying.

i am a mountain buker and have quite big goal for the future with racing at national level.

i know i have lots on here sorry if its jumbled. will huel be ok as my main fuel for this sport and would i increase the scoops on the days i do ride? at the moment its just two scoops for breakfast but i intend to do this for breakfast and lunch - could i
increase this to 3 for both when i ride/race?

thanks for reading

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